Rein confirms Gears 2 as Leipzig no-show

Epic's Mark Rein's confirmed that Gears of War 2 won't be shown by Microsoft at Games Convention next week.

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toughNAME3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

Gears 2 wasn't the reason Microsoft won E3... it shouldn't matter whether the King shows it now.

Although at this point I think it's a safe assumption that GOW2 will be GOTFY.

Fat Princess3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

What will they shown then? I mean I heard Sony has 12 or more announcements to make (Heavy Rain presentation included) but I hope Microsoft has a good show too. Hopefully they'll announce some new exclusives. E3 sucked for them since I was hoping to see some NEW games. At least Sony showed God of War 3, M.A.G, InFamous gameplay, R & C: Quest for Booty, Killzone 2 multiplayer footage, and Fat Princess! ^_^

My guess is that they will show off a trailer for the next Halo game. (The trailer that was pulled from E3)

deeznuts3719d ago

You're right, nothing helped MS win E3 because they didn't win it.

MURKERR3719d ago

a LBP rip-off

theyv done singstar and buzz

Whoooop3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

"Although at this point I think it's a safe assumption that GOW2 will be GOTFY"

GOW2 was released for the PS2 already


If you mean GeOW2, then it's going to be:

Game Of The Fictional Year.


toughNAME3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

haha nice whop! You're coming along nicely

EDIT - What is a buzz and where can I get some?

Drekken3718d ago

lol if you think MS won E3, you are damaged.

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DJ3719d ago

What else are they supposed to show? Gears is their biggest game this year.

Captain Tuttle3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

Maybe they have something else they want to push...Mass Effect 2? Alan Wake? A brand new IP? Those "secret" Rare titles?
Maybe not though. Maybe they'll just go for a subdued show.

Edit: I think solidsnakus is right.

kewlkat0073719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

..I remember this like 3 years ago.

Oh well

solidsnakus3719d ago

i guess you guys dont know, but the tards in germany banned gears 1 from being sold, thats why gears 2 wont be shown there.

Captain Tuttle3719d ago

This is the most logical answer.

Chris Hansen3719d ago

So Microsoft giving up on Europe already? They not even going to showcase their biggest game of the year at the largest gaming event in Europe?

Soo much for trying to "Win" Europe.

solidsnakus3719d ago

thanks for the comment nasim.

GOTY 20073719d ago

He's so delirous. You call him out and then he disagress with you 4 times. As if anyone else would.

Nasim your a moron.

Get a life bro. PLEASE. Please leave this site. Everyone can point out your stupid

Fat princess
Micheal Jones

stupid same NASIM agenda- delusional with reality comments.

Everyone can tell Nasim.

games4fun3719d ago

His avatar and name are just too cool for me not to give him an agree and i really dont think he is nasim he never goes off on a tirade its usually funny quips asking people to take a seat.

GOTY 20073719d ago

Trust me. I guarantee you its Nasim. 110%

Captain Tuttle3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

Apparently games4fun is Nasim too.

DJ3718d ago

You're pulling off an 18th Century witch hunt, right? Nobody cares who this 'nasim' character is.

Figboy3718d ago

tell that to the 18th century women being hunted as witches. lol.

anyway, i agree, nobody but fanboys care who nasim is, or who anybody who obviously have multiple accounts are.

i'm a huge Playstation fan, but even I put nasim on my ignore list. cahlil, or whatever his name is, is also a top contender for my list, as i have no tolerance for blatant twisting of facts and numbers, and just outright making sh*t up. goes for the 360 fanboy side too (ie, Power of Green).

on topic:

Gears 2 isn't at Leipzig because Gears isn't sold in Germany. end of story. there's no fanboy, or console war conspiracy here.

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Viktor E3719d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if Gears of War 2 now has the same Release Date as Alan Wake,that is,Nevuary the 40th

Arsenic133719d ago

When will u get a life? Let me guess the same date as Alan Wake. It was Nevuary the 40th right?

Fat Princess3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

LOL @ Viktor E. Bookmarked + Bubbles.

Stop crying Arsenic.

BLUR1113719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

Well lets see who really is the ones crying ohhh the DRoids on the gears of war article. lol lamo ^^

wow Viktor E ur so cool man just the fact you listen to BoYz II Men lol wtf .............................. ............................... ............................... ................installing please wait.......butt but.....

GiantEnemyCrab3718d ago

One review and you are calling it a flop? Wow!

I know you are a typical mental fishhead with last place syndrome but damn you are bordering on pityful by how hard you are trying. Being in last place is really hard for you isn't it? I would say play some games but when you've only had 1 exclusive retail game released this year I understand why you spend all day long here. When is your next exclusive? Oh yeah, at the end of the year. You wanna talk about flops let's talk about "The Year of the PS3". hahaha what a joke flop that was!

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