Notice Regarding the Cancellation of PS2 and X360 Service for FINAL FANTASY XI

Square Enix today sent out word reminding PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360 players about the upcoming closure of the long-standing MMORPG game, Final Fantasy XI.

They also sneaked in a comment stating that subscription charges will persist unless cancelled manually.

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Godmars2901721d ago

On one hand - and immediate reaction - I want - and did - laugh manically at this act of exploitation and incompetence on Square's part, this expression of loyalty for fans, yet on the other know as likely fact that some poor fool who hasn't played in years has still been paying for it.

CaptainCamper1721d ago

It does seem a bit shady if I'm honest. I mean, it's obvious to them if an account has been active for an extended period of time but I guess a few dollars is worth more to them than common decency?

dead_pixels1721d ago

Agreed. This is pretty unbelievable.

Vhampir1721d ago (Edited 1721d ago )

FFXI was shady all around. If you subscribed on the last day of a month, they would charge you for a full month. In the beginning they would delete your account if you didn't resubscribe within 90 days of canceling. As in you would have to buy the full game again to play.

I have over a year in 'Played Time' on FFXI...and I didn't ever setup a bazaar.

Spenok1720d ago (Edited 1720d ago )

All developers do this. While it is a bit ridiculous to force the user to cancel the sub, even knowing someone hasn't actively turned on the game in months/years. It is in the EULA for you to manually cancel it yourself.

nitus101720d ago

In what way is this shady. If people are silly enough to continue to pay an on-line subscription to a game they don't play anymore then isn't the onus on them to instigate cancellation.

Square/Enix have sent reminder notices to all player's email accounts, it is really up to the player to take action.

It does not matter if the account is still active or has not been used unless notice of cancellation is received or payment stopped then nothing will happen.

I can just see the headlines now "Player had his account deleted because they had not used it for a year even though his subscription was fully paid up". Litigation hell here we come.

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Abriael1721d ago (Edited 1721d ago )

Only, the game is not closing down at all. There's no "exploitation" or "Incompetence."

The game is continuing to be supported on PC, and since you pay for your playonline account, and not for playing on a specific platform, of course you have to cancel your account in order to deactivate charges.

Square Enix correctly warned customers of this fact, and it's quite sad to see that some would use it to try and stir false controversy.

Godmars2901721d ago

That the article mentions specifics where the title doesn't comes off as being besides the point.

Abriael1721d ago (Edited 1721d ago )

Whether the article mentions specifics or not doesn't cancel the fact that accounts aren't platform specific, so there's nothing strange, controversial or even newsworthy about this. If you want to stop being charged for a game that is still running (because the game isn't closed as the title falsely alleges), you gotta cancel your account. It's industry standard.

Death1721d ago

If Square has the ability to shut the servers for PS2 and 360 gamers, why don't they have the ability to stop taking payments from them as well? It might take a little effort, but wouldn't that be a more pro-customer approach? I would like to think the moment they stop supplying goods or a service they should be responsible for not charging for it.

Godmars2901721d ago

Think more than anything this shows how poorly the industry in general is managing online. From just about anything Nintendo does with online, to Sony and PSN failing on a regular basis to MS trying to mandate an all digital future with the launch of the XBO and that biting them in the @$$.

But none of that makes this little news mention any less news worthy. Not to the degree of calling it fake.

Vhampir1721d ago

They are just shutting down support for the consoles. PS2 and 360 use the same servers as PC.

Anyone with an account could download the full client and login on any computer, and soon smartphone, and still play.

Spenok1720d ago

I love it when people use common sense. It's not so common these days. However, people often comment before getting all the information first. Making them look foolish.

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DarkZane1721d ago (Edited 1721d ago )

How is it exploiting, they literally sent a message to every PS2 and Xbox 360 users about this. If people don't cancel, it's their problems. They'd only be exploiting if they didn't warn you about this and continue to charge you anyway.

WildArmed1721d ago

FF11 will be missed. Truly one of a kind co-op MMO.

TFJWM1721d ago

It is still going on PC, It is just not being supported on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360 .

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djplonker1721d ago (Edited 1721d ago )

I bought this on my 360 in 2012 and damn was I out of my depth soo much to catch up on and I didn't even get close but I had massive fun trying...

Tbh not having to use that playonline website to cancel is probably worth £7 a month
it was that bad.

CaptainCamper1720d ago

Lol, I'd pay £7 a month never to have to use such a poor portal again. Was such a pain in the ass, even trying to extend a subscription

noxeven1721d ago

I think the reason is you can still play on the pc if you have it installed until that gets shut down as well.

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