Double Agent heading to PS3

While Xbox 360 owners have been able to experience next-gen Splinter Cell for a few months now, PlayStation 3 owners will be able to get their hands on Sam Fisher's latest adventure in March 2007. Ubisoft has announced that the Splinter Cell Double Agent will be released worldwide in time for the March European launch of the PlayStation 3.

It won't be a straight port either. As well as new multiplayer maps and skins, the PlayStation 3 game will take advantage of the system's Sixaxis controller - although how it's going to be used hasn't been revealed.

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Raven5253d ago

As I said before third party developers aren't going to show favortism to any system, this is a clear sign.

testerg355253d ago

I'm not sure if this ever was an exclusive for the 360.

THWIP5253d ago

I hope the PS3 version is better than the 360 version (XBOX version is even said to be better), because what I played was crappy.
I honestly doubt they'll improve anything over the 360, since what was broken was the A.I., camera, lack of freedom in some missions, using a last-gen engine, and horrible online. The SixaxiS implementation is just gimmicky bullsh*t, that won't enhance the experience at all.

Anerythristic265253d ago

I liked it. I enjoyed the single player mission enough to play through it a couple of times.

About this post , wasn't this game always coming to the PS3?

Antan5253d ago

I didn`t mind it tbh. Some of the visuals had an old gen feel but some had the opposite. Strange day though VF5 going one way now SC going the other way!!!!

benihya5253d ago

Yes I played both and the xbox is much better than the 360.
they are 100% 2 different games, and the xbox version upscale to 720P on the 360 with 4AA

power of Green 5253d ago

It wasn't it has always been comming to the PS3.

#1 i dissagree the next Splinter Cell is 360 exclusive. I like the game it's strange to me it wasn't hyped up and that Sony fans bashed it.

specialguest5253d ago

you guys were having one hell of a bash-fest day when it was reported to be cancelled for the PS3. don't go backpeddling and say that "oh it was never an exclusive anyway". hahaha

THWIP5253d ago

MS keeps stealing Sony's exclusives, before they release....while Sony can only manage to get 6 month, to year old leftovers. ;)

Juevani5253d ago (Edited 5253d ago )

VF5 is comin to 360 6 mounths after it makes it debut on ps3..

Anerythristic265253d ago

I read the news all I know is it's a SAME DAY release on both systems in the U.S. If Japan is getting it early , good for them.

I could only see Sega not shipping it to European 360's before it's on PS3 , in THAT region. That makes sense.

Raist5253d ago

VF5 has been officially announced a few days ago to be release on feb the 20th in japan and US, and it'll be a launch title for the PS3 release in europe

THAMMER15253d ago

has been multi platform before. Some people will make this a tit for tat thing but Splinter cell is samll potatoes at the end of the day.

DC RID3R5253d ago

spilnter cell, whilst enjoyable, isn't the be all and end all!!! meh

yo, THAMMER, you on gears later bro???

to ANYONE reading this : if you see the name THAMMER1 on gears of war, and he AINT on your team ; RUN- he'll blow you top pieces (true story)!!!!!

thats one straight-shooter right there!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.