VGChartz: NPD July Preview (NPD USA hw & sw data to be reported 8/14 at 6:30 PM EST)

VGChartz writes: "After huge previous months for software, July was relatively quiet. 3 new games on PS3/360 took 6 of the top 10 spots for software, while Wii & DS sw had the other four spots. Expect hardware sales by week to be down from June.

For July, we expect NPD to report that:

-Wii sales in the USA remained roughly steady at 130,000 per week.

-Xbox 360 & PS3 saw a reverse from June (five weeks) to July (four weeks). More specifically, we expect NPD to say Xbox 360 sales in the USA were about 77,500 per week in July, compared to about 44,000 per week last month. PS3 sales moved the opposite direction in the USA. They were about 81,000 per week last month according to NPD, but we expect NPD to report that the sales rate dropped to 45,000 per week in July.

-DS sold close to 700,000 units in the USA this month in the USA.

-NCAA Football 09 was the top seller on Xbox 360 this month.

-Three Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii titles each cracked the top ten in a rare showing of software parity.

We arrive at our NPD USA estimations which can be seen fully below:

VGChartz NPD USA Estimate for July Sales:

DSL: 668,000
Wii: 520,000
360: 310,000
PSP: 270,000
PS3: 180,000
PS2: 136,000

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GOTY 20073719d ago

I doubt it will be that big of a gap. With VGcraps you just really never know, though.

jaysquared3719d ago

When does the actualy NPD numbers come out? Even though summer months don't really mean much because of the slow sales compared to the holiday season..

Marceles3719d ago

usually mid month they come out...around the 15th

theKiller3719d ago

Cyrus365 will u please stop posting crap news??

Cupid_Viper_33719d ago

So I am guessing that NPD estimates are not good enough indications of what NPD NUMBERS WILL BE.... so that leaves us with no other choices but to go with the best number charts in the world.....

Cyrus3653719d ago

That's not NPD prediction, that's EEDAR estimation of NPD numbers for July using historical NPD numbers for Jan-June. NPD doesn't estimate their own numbers publically.

Fat Princess3719d ago

Why do you contributors approve stuff from VGChartz when you know they're lying about their numbers? VGChartz is a banned website on most forums.

The Lazy One3719d ago

people need something to argue about until the real numbers come out to argue about.

power of Green 3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

PS3 numbers in these predictions are not looking good, this is why you care, when you did not before.

Your account is way too new for you to know the way this site works and runs, I'v been reading your comments. I think you're Nasim or one of the other PS3 members that are fooling the mods like they are children(making 2 or 3 accounts in a week in some cases).

Drekken3719d ago

The Power of Delusion strikes again.

GUNS N SWORDS3719d ago

Football games are practically considered block buster games over here in the US,

by these numbers 360's doing well, with 2 360 titles in the lead.

1 NCAA Football 09- 422,558 (360 version)

2 Soul Calibur IV- 298,036 (360 version)

InMyOpinion3719d ago

I wonder what effect Madden 09 will have.

Viktor E3719d ago

Only Too Human can save them now.


Lord Shuhei Yoshida3719d ago

Don't worry,its coming to PSN as an arcade title,Viktor.

psycho3603719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

Ahh PS2 catching up on ps3. Do something sony your games console is going to overttake your movie player.

@vicktor/shmee/nasim The nintendo family has outsold the dying sony's gaming console family.

Nice of you to combine the last 10years of consoles to fight 3 year old console in numbers.

-Maverick-3719d ago

Poor ignorant Nasim. EVERYONE knows Nasim and can see through your little agenda.

Paiton3714d ago

Why dont you just shut up.

Everyone is "Nasim" in your eyes.

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The story is too old to be commented.