Final Fantasy VII PS3 Remake Or Sequel: The Dream Is Dead

We can stop all the hoping and false reporting now. The dream is officially dead, as PSXE reminds everyone we've all just been grasping at straws for years. The reality is painful, but plain.

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I LOVE my xbox3723d ago

This will come to the PS3 someday... hopefully :(

el_bandito3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

After SE gave us the big FFXIII-to-360 jawdropper, I have just decided not to believe in and have hopes for SE rumors anymore;Instead, just play their games when they actually come out in the market.

Yoma3723d ago

Imagine the profit for SE if they would have done it!!!

theKiller3723d ago

ff7 will come to ps3 when SE finished with both FF13 and versus 13!

i dont know why the media always keep reporting bull$hit news about FF7 is in development!!

its coming but not now, i say in 2010

hay3722d ago

There will be remake, relax.

I'll laugh at you when it'll be announced Ben.

RemmM3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

FFVII Remake or sequal, will be out.

calis3722d ago

I'm sorry what exactly does this site use as proof the rumour is dead?

Square Enix themselves haven't even denied a remake so where are they getting this 'rumour killing' info from? Oh wait, they are just stating an opinion as fact.

Overr8ed3722d ago

They are busy working on FF13. When FF 13 is done then they would think about making the Remake of FF 7

sumfood4u3722d ago

Somethings are meant to be cherished others become wasteful! I'm one hardcore Final Fantasy Fan even got lionheart tattoo on my left shoulder! But i get sick of hoping an wishing for a remake sequel, an getting a Moggle Biatch Slap by S/E! than they pull this crap about making Ps3 players wait for Xbox 360 to come out an the aggony of waiting for FFXIII slips thur our fingers an lands on the planet of Frustration! In our minds we gotta believe!

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ParanoidMonkey3723d ago

It's going to happen someday, Squeenix would be stupid to pass it up. We might not see it on the PS3 but it'll happen.

Marcello3723d ago

I mean c`mon !! they are thick. Whatever magic that Squaresoft had is long gone, Square gave us some legendary games but since they went bust and merged it has gone rapidly bad to worse. Squeenix gave us FFX-2 all girly dresses, FFXI boring MMO, hack`n slash FFXII, crap bland Front Mission 4 need i continue the list goes on & on ? Lets face it Squeenix are [email protected] and just wont get the message.

Squeenix games = GARBAGE !!!!!

ParanoidMonkey3723d ago

I don't think you've noticed, but 95% of what Squeenix has released in the past 5 years have been remakes, ports, and Final Fantasy VII spin-offs. You'd have to be mentally challenged to say it isn't coming - the signs are all there. It has absolutely nothing to do with the quality of their recent "original" games.

hay3722d ago

@Marlec: Don't say crap only when you don't like something.
I love FFXII, it's great game, different than other FFs but still great. Didn't you notice impressive drawing distance on certain locations, brilliant ingame cutscenes, great EN voiceovers, sweet visuals, fluid and easy to learn combat system, change of seasons on desert and at least acceptable storyline?
You can dislike the game but you must be clearly an idiot to deny great aspects of this game.

FFXI isn't best mmo out there, true. Has some major flaws, true. But since it's pretty high in rankings it can't be crap. Yet again, you can dislike the game but...

@ParanoidMonkey: Nuff said. According to massive remake release by square they'll make FF7 again. Since it's in high demand by fans and original isn't very playable on PC and rare on PSX it would be really bad idea not to remade it.
But they cannot announce it right now. There's pretty much big attention to FF13 compilation, FF7ACC and other titles so once those will be released we will see announcement most probably not later than one year after those events. And it's not some crazy fanboy dream since I believe remake won't keep up with original game.

slymaddox3723d ago

that square would pass on that money maker. If they think they can make a lot putting FFXIII on the 360 they could triple the sales with a FF7 remake on just the PS3 easy

v1c1ous3723d ago

and decuple by releasing it on wii as well :D

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3723d ago

Its allright Zerodin.Dry those tears.Too Human's flop is painful,isnt it?

What a drone.At least fanboys have brains.Drones like you are capable of only basic tasks like cry or complain.

Laexerias3723d ago

The Sony Girl looks 100x times better then Square Enix!

Baba19063723d ago

square allready said like 10 times that they are not making a ff7 remake. we should just get over it till they announce anythng else.

Fishy Fingers3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

Totally agree, buying into rumours only sets yourself up for disappointment.

mistertwoturbo3723d ago

Square says a lot of things. Like FFXIII is exclusive to the PS3 for 2 years straight. Then we all know how that went.

Key thing, don't listen to a single thing Square says. Only watch their actions.

VsAssassin3723d ago

The funny thing about that is they're not good in keeping promises. let alone being true to their words. I'm thinking, after the Fabula Nova Whatever subsides, they will make a remake, then after that on to FFXIV.

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