GamersPlatform Review: Xam'd Lost Memories Episode 2

GamersPlatform Writes:

"Well I finally finished downloading the second episode of "Xam'd Lost Memories" (gotta love those PSN download speeds eh?) and can continue with my coverage of the series. I have to say, episode 2 does not disappoint, and actually drew me a lot more into the story than the first episode.

It opens with a quick recap of the last 5 minutes of episode one, then jumps right into the next scene to fully begin episode 2. So episode 1 ended with what appeared to be some kind of invasion, well episode 2 immediately takes us back to this. Giant pods dropped from the sky, landing right near the school where the bus exploded. From inside it comes a hideous blue monster that can shoot a laser from its head (isn't anime awesome?) It begins terrorizing the surrounding area, destroying the school first and then trampling through the citizens. Xam'd manages to get up after being shot by a cop, who is about to pop him some more before Haru uses some of her martial arts skills to drop the sucker."

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Homicide3723d ago

The anime so far is pretty good. Pretty enjoyable and interesting story. Renting it is kinda expensive. It's a good thing that sites like Google exist.

Skyreno3723d ago

IS GREAT Series!!! episode 5 is coming tomorrow im waiting for it ^^ Is sucks is not english dub but has subtitle english oh and price sucks but there way you can watch it free go to this site call%^%^^$^&

Fat Princess3723d ago

I love this anime! I watch it while I eat cake!