Street Fighter Surprise is here

Capcom-Unity writes: "Hey all - I recently joined (4 months ago) Capcom's Marketing team as the Senior Product Marketing Manager on Street Fighter IV, so my life is consumed with all things having to do with this awesome franchise (yah, my life sucks).

Before I go on about this "big surprise" John D. mentioned....A bit of self deprecation. I'm an avid gamer (I lined up quarters for SFII and it's sequels) - I promise that I'm no marketing schmuck. I started as a tester for Sega (poor Sega Saturn!) and then Sony, finally ending up in marketing (8 years worth). So I like to think I know something about gaming and marketing (but I probably don't)".

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skynidas3718d ago

Oh someone disagreed, it seems like i didnt knew it

sonarus3718d ago

No you didn't

I was the one that knew it:)
All i want to know is how much

skynidas3718d ago

LOL, well 4.99 seems like a fair price, more than that is lame

Bnet3433718d ago

This was a surprise? Ehh ... You can just buy the Alpha collection on PS1 can't you?

INehalemEXI3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

Already got SF Alpha Anthology which is 1-3 on one PS2 Disc. Its all about Blazblue for PSN.

boodybandit3717d ago

but it's a definite pass for me since there was no mention of it having any kind of enhancements for 720 or 1080p resolutions display. Older PSOne and PS2 games look bad on a 1080p set even while using a PS3.

I will hold off until SFIIHD comes out. I wish they would remake 3rd Strike in HD.

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Polluted3718d ago

So SF fans...are we happy wth this news? I'm not really familiar with the Alpha series.

Relcom3718d ago

Alpha is good stuff, just a bit more technical that SF2 turbo. I prefer it.

usin4203718d ago

Is this the version that was released on dreamcast,(Street Fighter Alpha 3) or one of it's predecessors?

Relcom3718d ago

this version was on the saturn, Alpha 3 was on the dreamcast? yes

Flipgeneral3718d ago

IMO, the Alpha series is Street Fighter at it's Finest

Just my cup of tea

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Relcom3718d ago

I'm happy with this, I wore this game out back in the day.

BigKev453718d ago

I'll download Alpha if it's free. Wait, I can on my computer.

jamilion3718d ago

who dont wanna hit the jump

"This Thursday, on the PLAYSTATION Network, we are releasing a new PSone Classics game for download....STREET FIGHTER ALPHA."

Peace :)

N4M3L3553718d ago

I was saying to myself "alright where's the surprise..". I didn't feel like jumping to read what could've been a one sentence news flash. Thanks.