In-game ads fail to influence consumers, says specialist

In-game advertising is failing to influence games players, according to a survey conducted by behavioural research agency Bunnyfoot.

Results showed a failure to capture the attention of the player in sports game which followed a real-world model of advertising, with the firm noting that, "current methods are not optimising consumer engagement and are failing to influence the consumer in any significant way."

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Rooted_Dust5259d ago

Players aren't going to notice advertising for two reasons. One is that we don't care, we can see that crap anywhere we go. Two, Players attentions are focused on what they are doing..playing. I want to be a marketer, you can have no commonsense and still get paid.

THWIP5259d ago

To be honest, I don't see how corporations can justify the million$ they pump into ads, when sales are really the only true indicator of a product's success/failure. I especially don't understand how established brand names, like Pepsi and Coke, for instance, can justify a need for the BILLION$ they spend on advertising; it's not like you can force your consumers to fill out a questionaire, stating how/when/why you bought a product.

MoonDust5259d ago

Looks like i noticed and I'm sure many others have. Advertising is for the companies making the games, they get more money from it and that means they produce more games to. advertising the the reason why TTWO and ATVI stocks have moved in the past days.

Rooted_Dust5259d ago

Say I'm playing CS:Source and I take a minute to look at the advert for Subway, someone is going to shoot me in the back of the head. It is in my best interest to ignore the advertising and focus on the game. This is going to lead to more PC players using custom maps instead of the offical game maps with advertising, unless they figure out a way to paste advertising in any map.

MoonDust5259d ago

Which you must do when you are getting to know the map. You will noticed. Line in RB6 Vegas, the demo has a Dodge Challenger in the middle of the map.

MicroGamer5259d ago

Ingame advertising can't work. Advertising, by it's nature, has to draw your attention away from other things. You're not going to stop your car mid race to look at a Coke billboard by the side of the road in game or stop shooting at terrorists because there is a vending machine with the name of a real world product nearby. Right now the ingame advertising is harmless, but when it reaches a point where they forcibly pause gameplay every 15 minutes and make you watch 2 minutes of ads, then I am going to stop playing games.

Yo Wassap5259d ago

subliminal messaging perhaps?

Caxtus7505259d ago

exactly Wassap. that was what I was just about to say. You do see it. You see it without noticing. I mean yuo would all know that It was a COke Vendor cos you have all been saying thatyou would ignore thr Coke vendor. You cant ignore something without seeing it first :P.....whether it will make you buy one however is a different matter.