1UP FM Explores Dead Space

1UP writes: "Every week it's the same. Matt Leone wanders over to Philip Kollar and my desk area and asks us when the new episode of 1UP FM is going up. Is it because he loves us like a man loves a fresh pineapple? Is it because he needs something to listen to while he works on his massive delts after work? Or is it because he's on this episode talking about 1UP's latest cover story, Dead Space, with us, and he wants a nice link to send Mama Leone? Regardless, we like his rugged good looks and his woodsy scent, so we do our best to oblige.

This week's show: Shawn Elliott talks about QuakeCon, Jeremy Parish talks about Square's DKS3713 event, an interview with Dead Space developers, Top 5 anime games that never came to the States, the mailbag, more Psychonauts on the Backlog, and Anthony Gallegos on Kodiak bears."

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