15 PS2 games that need to come to PS4, from GTA: Vice City to Silent Hill 2

Just as Microsoft appeared to have got one over on its rival with Xbox 360 backwards compatibility on Xbox One, Sony has gone and brought PlayStation 2 games to the PS4. In case you're counting, that's nearly two and a half thousand titles that could potentially be given a modern makeover.

A mixture of the PS2's finest and titles that are unlike anything else you can buy right now, here are the 15 games that need to make the multi-generational jump to PS4.

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medman2066d ago

Awesome. So exciting. PS2 classics on my ps4? I'm all in on that.

NicSage2066d ago

Whoever gets Red Dead Redemption on their newest console first wins.

parentsbasement2066d ago

why did they go back to ps2 and skip ps3 ? because they're still selling it ?

Majin-vegeta2066d ago

Cuz it's nearly impossible to emulate them.And let's be honest last gen games were pretty much all shooters.Compared to PS2 era where we had a plethora of all genres.Not to mention they will have better graphics and higher framerate.compared to last gen where they don't get any type of upgrade.

Fin_The_Human2066d ago

Wait these PS2 games will have better graphics and impoved frame rate?

And this is free if you already own the game!!!!

Sony just won the internet;)

Enigma_20992066d ago

... the hell kind of PS3 game collection did YOU have?

2066d ago
Kyosuke_Sanada2066d ago (Edited 2066d ago )

A PROPER Silent Hill collection you say? Also I would love The Thing to be in the ranks. Why they haven't remade that is beyond me but Alien Isolation has given me faith for the future.

I'm glad someone else loves Black as well.

FallenAngel19842066d ago

Most of my favorite PS2 games already got HD remakes on PS3

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The story is too old to be commented.