Jake Gyllenhaal looking good: first Prince of Persia costume spotted

Colette Bennett writes:

"I had a bit of a crush on Jake Gyllenhaal back when he did Donnie Darko, but considering my burning love for the film, I figured it could have just been intensified by it."

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Le-mo3724d ago

Why can't they cast a PERSIAN guy to be the prince. This guy look like a Californian surfer dude or worst, a hobo.

Dream Machine3724d ago

Didn't you know? the core demographic of 18 -30 year old white males will refuse to watch a film with a non-white actor in the main-blah blah blah kill me now. I hate cynical Hollywood, I'm sure if they did cast someone of a, shall we say, duskier hue they'd still get their money. Only a few idiots would refuse to watch it.

Some argue that its just because he's a big name. Ask yourself why they are hardly any big names that do fit the bill visually. Personally I'd cast Mazhar Munir from Syriana. He looked way more suitable.

IzKyD13313724d ago

they did audition persian actors, but im guessing none of them were up to snuff to be playing in a big budget hollywood movie

Panthers3724d ago

Talent comes before ethnicity...

Bathyj3724d ago

They should have cast, damn I forgot his name. The former Iraqi repubilcan guard off Lost. Saheed is it? I think so. Good Actor, strong body, dark enough to play someone from anywhere in that region. Face it, were not smart enough to know any different. He would be my pick.

When I think of Jake, I just think of butt sex.

Panipal20053724d ago

Jake's got his work cut out for him if he wants to convincingly play 'courageous' and 'noble', I just don't think he's capable of it.

Dream Machine3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

"Talent comes before ethnicity..."

No, white actors come before everyone else. Why in Stuck (a film based on a true story apparently) did they get Mena Suvari instead of a black woman? Why was The Last Samurai white? Why in the only major budget film about slavery in the last 10 years was there no black characters apart of one token minority? Why is the main character in The Children of Huang Shi white? Why in near enough every World War II movie are there no commonwealth or African American fighters? Its not like they weren't there. Oh and don't forget Notting Hill (and every romcom that exists in a completely whitewashed universe). Whoever wrote that has either never been to Notting Hill, or has some serious issues.

I wouldn't care if there were any major movies that flipped this around but I can barely think of anything. Ethnic minorities have to play either outdated stereotypes or raceless side characters.

BLuKhaos3724d ago

Can we please not bring race into this.

jtucker783724d ago

Actually ancient Persians were of a different ethnicity than the majority of modern Iranians. So there were blond blue eyed Persians.
Not that Jake is blond haired, blue eyed, but casting a modern Iranian wouldn't necessarily be the best choice.

I don't know exactly what an ancient Persian used to look like (I'm no expert), but I know enough from history that some of the Zoroastrian races that lived in Persia were white (or whitish)...

Shane Kim3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

jtucker78 is right. Ancient Persians are actually no different from Europeans. They were Indo-European Aryans so they we're actually blonde and stuff. There are still alot of Indo-European Aryans living in northern Iran.

Dream Machine3723d ago

While the Persian peoples are very diverse, the whole push for the idea of the blond/blue haired variety being the norm seems very similar to the idea lot of race 'realists' (look them up, they're a bunch of idiots) use to explain away why the ancient Egyptians achieved stuff without being white (They argue that ancient Egyptians did loads of great stuff because they were actually white).

I myself have a background in Turkic/Mongolian and Persian ancestry and EVERYONE in my family is dark. Plus the Prince looks like this

Not this

Shane Kim3723d ago

Im Persian as well (PS the real me, not Shane Dim) and we are slightly darker then for example Swedes (I live in Sweden). Either way, they should really put a darker guy as the Prince, not Jake.

Cartesian3D3723d ago

Im persian too :D .. but actually I live in iran..

my brother is blond and has green eyes, Im white but with brown hair and light brown eyes..

in iran you can see various skins and eyes.. so I think that actor is a good choice :D atleast people in US wont think persians are the same race as arabs ..(Im not raciest dude! and I dont care what they think :P )

supahbad3723d ago

i agree they should have cast an agile babylonian for PoP

techwizz3723d ago

Well yes I thought the Last Samurai being white was ridiculous too, but then I saw the movie and it turns out he's an American soldier who ends up among these samurai so it's not all that surprising. It wasn't terrible either, not something I'd watch again though.

Millah3723d ago

Wow...who cares guys. Jakes a great actor I'm sure he'll do a good job.

Rute3723d ago

The hair reminded me of movies about Jesus Christ. Has anyone else noticed that virtually every Jesus movie has a gentile playing the part of Jesus? Jesus was a jew, but for some reason (antisemitism?) he isn't depcited as one.

GarandShooter3723d ago

'I wouldn't care if there were any major movies that flipped this around but I can barely think of anything. Ethnic minorities have to play either outdated stereotypes or raceless side characters.'

How about Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson in Gridiron Gang. Sean Porter looked white to me in the credits.

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LeonSKennedy4Life3724d ago

I mean...the man can act.

Why not?

jonboi243724d ago

I'm not surprised he got part, hell I'm not surprised that this movie may suck but GOD DAMN WAS JAKE GYLLENHAAL ALL WAYS THAT RIP AND CUT!

silvacrest3724d ago

actors are known for getting into shape/losing weight/gaining weight to fit what ever movie role you no....

EastCoastSB3724d ago

At least it's not directed by Uwe Boll.

EastCoastSB3723d ago

He's directed several sh1tty films based on video games.

BLuKhaos3723d ago

pfft no wonder i didn't know who he was