GamesRadar: The Top 7... new games that you already played

"There are no new ideas. There are only new ways of making them felt."
- Audre Lorde, a poet who wasn't the first person to have this idea

The idea that there are no new ideas isn't a new idea at all. In fact, it's a pretty old one, and its veracity can be seen in the games industry too. Critics like to pooh-pooh the unoriginality of over-the-top, repetitive franchises that spawn unlimited uninspired sequels and rip-off clones. But is taking notes from great ideas of the past always a bad thing?

Hardly. In fact, GamesRadar has found that some of the best new titles are appealing precisely because they took advantage of and improved on great ideas from the past. Read on to find out why some of the best upcoming and recently released titles might give you an unexpected case of déjà vu.

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permutated3772d ago

Officially the worst article Gamesradar has ever done. At this point they've thrown all accountability out the window and will do anything for web hits.


JD_Shadow3772d ago

At least they didn't try to trash Mirror's Edge. It is, after all, made with the PS3 being the lead platform, so my thought was they were going to pull a GameDaily and try to trash it as much as they can.

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3772d ago

Braid tops the list, which makes this another article forcing the reader to learn about Braid and how ridiculously good it is, and how no one knows about it, and it should be bought despite its price, bla bla bla bla bla

Download the demo, if you like it, buy it.

permutated3772d ago

I disagree, the demo does that game injustice.

It's nothing stellar, it's good, but the demo makes it look like just another platformer which it quickly turns out to not be after you start world 3.

PoorDroids3772d ago

everything sony has ever done (copied) comes to mind

ar3772d ago

I don't get it. The title is "new games that you already played" and on ME they list movies. I watch movies, not play. And I have never done parkour.