Next Generation has picked and ranked the 50 games they believe made 2006 such a stand-out year in game quality. Click through for the definitive 'Best of Year' round-up….

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Gears5252d ago

I own all of those 360 games, the 360 PWNS!

Rooted_Dust5252d ago

Good list. I didn't like the whole Primary Platform exclusions for multi-platform games though.

THWIP5252d ago

...listing the PS3 as the "primary platform". It came out in Feb. for 360/XBOX/PS2, and just now became available with the PS3.

THWIP5252d ago (Edited 5252d ago )

"5. Resistance: Fall of Man
Publisher: Sony
Developer: Insomniac Games
Released: November
Primary platform: PlayStation 3
Ted Price and Insomniac Games couldn’t have plotted a more thrilling last stand for humanity. Resistance dropped players into an alien-held England, gave them access to some of the coolest weapons ever (a time-slowing sniper rifle, a gun whose bullets veered around corners), and assaulted them with wave after wave of hideous alien creatures. Resistance emerged as PlayStation 3’s Halo, the beautiful and well-plotted game everyone absolutely had to have—and with damn good reason. "
"PS3'S 'HALO' "....Give me a f*cking break. Halo was a SYSTEM-SELLER, that launched the most popular, and profitable gaming franchise of the last decade. R:FOM is nothing more than the PS3's answer to COD2.....a year late.

Marriot VP5252d ago

it's a decent game at 89%, just not a system seller or a killer game in my opinion.

Not a bad thing, I'm just not gonna kid myself.

Rooted_Dust5252d ago

Your GOW got #1 spot and your still complaining. Some people could b!tch about anything.

Munky5252d ago (Edited 5252d ago )

You didn't have to go there. I'm pretty sure that some ppl might think that GOW should not have recieved GOTY either. In the end "best of" lists are still a matter of opinion, people are bound to disagree. But the fact is that all the games that made the list are great! Peaz :)

Monchichi0255252d ago

Comparing Resistance to Halo?!?!?! C'mon now, the ga,e is great, well worth the Number 5 spot maybe even number 4, but to compare it to Halo is a Joke!!

P.S. Notice how Madden is never mentioned. It sucks!!! Bring back 2K!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.