Tech Start-Up Absentia Claims To Deliver A Better VR Experience Than PlayStation VR And Oculus Rift

Tesseract solves the problem of "insufficient content" on VR.

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ArchangelMike2928d ago

Now that's fighting talk...

Would it not be wiser to wait for the competition to release their hardware to market before you start maing bold claims about your hardware? Anyway, it's still great that there is alot of industry support for VR right now, it means that the hardware should get plenty of support.

TheCommentator2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

My real concern about all the different hardware is that they will not all share their software. If this group can deliver on its promises at a reasonable price point though, it could easily outstrip everybody else going to market today.

dcbronco2928d ago

Competition is good. If they fight over content and fragment the audience initially the selling points will be exclusives, system differences and price. Product will weed out the weakest offerings. Price will allow more consumers to play and content will eventually move to the top couple of platforms.

But with there being different directions to go with vr the winner might be based on who does better with additional revenue streams. VR isn't games exclusive. On this site its the only factor most are watching.

Eonjay2928d ago

Why the hell attach a picture of PSVR and not the Absentia device?

TheCommentator2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

The point of this tech is compatability though. Practically every game and both current gen game systems will be supported. While other companies will be fighting over a few dozen exclusives, these guys will have thousands of games and multiple platforms to take advantage of. That's powerful potential.

thisismyaccount2927d ago

B...but Rottentomatoes too says, that they´re good! Look

Absentia 2015 "BlaBlaBla"
Absentia 2016 "Absent"

DashArrivals2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

If there is any validity to anything they're saying at all, or even in the slightest. Then they'll be bought out by a bigger company already entering the VR market. But something tells me they have not tested this enough and they're underestimating the years of R&D companies like Sony and Valve have done. Sony said they believe that VR works best when games are produced from the ground up for VR. All the other major players in the VR market are saying the same thing... so this 'start-up' are claiming otherwise. I'm very sceptical. But seeing is believing.

SteamPowered2928d ago

IGN already reviewed this HMD a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately the Demo model didnt nearly live up to the hype.

captainexplosion2928d ago

Can somebody please answer this for me. I got Google Cardboard today. A major problem with it is you look through magnifying lenses which makes the screen look so pixelated. Even on a 4k phone you can see every little pixel because they are magnified. Will PS VR have this problem? Do you look through magnifying lenses on the PS VR headset?

DashArrivals2928d ago

No you don't look through magnifying lenses on PS VR. Just google the specs and PS VR reactions, also just wait for more information from Sony. I'm also certain you will eventually be able to go somewhere near your home and try out a PS VR before you buy one.

Pixolator2928d ago

What you are referring to is called "Screen Door Effect" and Playstation VR has it too, I heard that there is filter like layer of film that you can put on to screen to get rid of it but then the image becomes blurry and not as crisp. Down the road in the future , with the new technologies they will overcome that issue hopefully.

SniperControl2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Yeah, your eyes wont be able to focus on a screen 1 - 3 inches from yours eyes without some sort of lens, try it, it will be a blurry mess. i have the DK2 and in games with bright conditions it's quite obvious, it's called the screen door effect. However, it will be more prominent in cheap VR setups like Google cardboard which will have low quality lenses.

This, of course can be reduced with good quality lenses and screens.

@Dash above

The PSVR will have mag lenses, as i said above, your eyes cant focus on screen inches in front of your face.

captainexplosion2928d ago

Appreciate the reply. I thought screen door effect was the way objects move at a higher frame rate lol. Thanks. Is both Oculus and PS VR using 1080P screens?

SniperControl2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )


The DK2 I have uses one screen which i believe renders at 1080p(screen is from a Samsung S2 i think) , two images are sent to the screen kinda like split screen. However, the CV1 Oculus and PSVR will have individual screens for each eye, not sure about the exact overall figures, but i think it adds up to around 1080p.

It all depends on the quality of the screen tbh, not sure about the Oculus, i do know that Sony are using OLED screens for PSVR, if you have ever used a first gen Vita, you'll know how good the image is.

WeAreLegion2928d ago

It's really not a problem on PSVR or Oculus Crescent Bay. It still technically exists, but it's negligible unless you actively try to focus a couple of inches in front of you. I enjoy Google Cardboard quite a bit, but the screen door effect is still bothersome.

Ninjatogo2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

"Even on a 4k phone you can see every little pixel...", there's only one 4K phone out (Xperia Z5 Premium) and it doesn't render games/Cardboard apps at 4K. It runs at 1080P for almost all apps save for a few Sony apps built to take advantage of the screen.

With that being said, the pixelated/screen door effect should be minimized on the PSVR due to Sony building the lenses specifically for the screen in the headset. With Google Cardboard, it's more of a one size fits all solution and for some screen sizes/resolution/pixel densities it can look pretty bad.

PSVR is using a 5.7" 1080P panel, but they've also enlarged the pixels and moved them closer together so the gaps between them are smaller.

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UserNameIsNotTaken2928d ago

It's not like everyone has a PC...

uth112928d ago

Being technically better is meaningless if you are an unproven player in the market. People go with the safer bets

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