Blue Dragon's Sakaguchi-san Interviewed

With Mistwalker's first release available on the shop shelves of Japan, Spong sit down for a quick chat with the man who masterminded Blue Dragon. Hironobu Sakaguchi was also the mastermind responsible for Square's Final Fantasy series, having already co-founded Squaresoft in 1983. After resigning from SquareEnix (as it had become) in 2000, Sakaguchi-san went on hiatus before returning to the game industry. He founded Mistwalker, which had financial backing from Microsoft. One of Japan's most revered game industry figures, Sakaguchi-san is a man of many visions. This week, Spong spoke with him about some of those visions…

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Anerythristic265259d ago

That guy LOOKS like he knows how to make a game. The Japanese Magnum P.I. , anyone?

specialguest5259d ago

yeah he's the creator of the Final Fantasy series. Blue Dragon sold tons of copies base on who created Blue Dragon alone.

InMyOpinion5259d ago

His moustasche is so damn 70's porn. He knows how to take care of games...and ladies.

joemutt5259d ago

I bet he drives a 1986 Firebird.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL5259d ago

he looks more like a Cadillac man. He's the John Holmes of Japanese game designers.

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