New on PlayStation Store: Bloodborne: The Old Hunters, Beyond: Two Souls, UK

This week sees a handful of big new releases on PlayStation Store. First up, The Old Hunters a hefty new expansion for phenomenal PS4 action adventure Bloodborne. Adding new areas to explore, bosses to fight and weapons to master, it’s a must-have for dedicated Yharnamites. And if you haven’t dipped your toes into From Software‘s fearsome epic yet, now’s a good time to jump in – the Game of the Year Edition goes on sale this week too, including The Old Hunters alongside the core game.

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cfc832071d ago

Are Sony having a black friday digi store sale ?

madmonkey012071d ago

yes in the US, i am not sure about EU but i will assume so

Nivekki2071d ago (Edited 2071d ago )

Bought The Old Hunters yesterday. Started a new character though so it's gonna take a while until I get around to seeing the new content as I want to get the majority of the game out of the way before I tackle it.

After a Bloodborne hiatus of nearly 5 months I'm loving Bloodborne all over again. Now I can try and get that Platinum I was two Chalice dungeons close to getting.

Absolutely amazing game.

robtion2069d ago

The DLC is awesome. So hard though, much tougher than the base game. At least 3 of the bosses are tougher than Ebrietas, just to give you an idea. I'm playing on NG++ and its too hard to solo. May have to start a new game myself to make it manageable.

Nivekki2068d ago

I had a little first peek the other day, I was around lv 24-5 I think, and I got spanked hard right at the start. So I'm at lv 52 now and tried another look last night. I took down the first couple of hunters, and they are tough, but I took them down.

Then I had a look at the first big open area you get to and turned around and went back to the Hunters Dream lol. I haven't looked up anything on the DLC really so I don't know for sure, but one of those hunters there looks pretty badass.

I'll return when I get to lv 65 or so and start it proper.

kaizokuspy2068d ago

I know this post is 2 days old, but I sucked nuts at dark souls. Should I give bloodborne a chance? $50 for all dlc and the game itself sounds like a great deal. I don't mind difficult games but I've bought some real shit bombs lately. Should I be intimidated? Is there a good story? I'm afraid to search the net and get spoilers.

Nivekki2068d ago

Some people would say that Bloodborne is actually easier than the Souls games, although that would mostly be from Souls players who are used to playing these games and naturally have experience from playing them.

It can be very difficult, that's part of the appeal for many, including myself, but it's not overly hard. If you want to solo the game it will be very hard, some bosses are insanely quick and can kill you quite easily if you let them.

The first area of the game you will HAVE to do by yourself before you get the ability to summon others, but once you get that ability you can take a lot of difficulty out of the equation. Jolly co-op is good fun as well.

As far as the story goes it's not spoon fed to you, a lot of it is vague and you have to piece it together yourself but it's great. If you like H. P. Lovecraft stories, or similar, you will love the themes in Bloodborne.

All in all I'd recommend it to anyone, whether they liked Dark Souls or not. Otherwise I think the best advice is to see if you can borrow the game for a night and give it a chance for yourself. Maybe rent it even.