Virtua Fighter 5 b!tch slaps 360 in the chops!

Sega confirms the latest version of its VF series will now launch on Xbox 360, as well as PS3

Tecmo's Dead or Alive series is about to get some serious competition for the king of fighters' throne on Xbox 360 in the form of Virtua Fighter 5, previously a PS3 only title.

Hopefully, the fact that VF is spreading out on multiple platforms will give the DOA series a much needed kick up the arse. But Sega's legendary beat 'em up franchise has taken a few knocks of its own over the last few years. Maybe it's just that the genre as a whole has gone as far as it can?

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kingboy5258d ago

the ps3 version kicks major @ss.Happy gaming

SPAWN5258d ago

You couldn`t resist taking a jab at the 360 could you Kingboy? You and DJ and I`ll admit my friend Tha Mart are the most extreme fanboys on here!

bloop5258d ago

How the hell was that taking a dig at the 360??? He just said its a great game and have fun with it!!!! Add yourself to that list of extreme fanboys.

power of Green 5258d ago

One would say VF kicks ass, to say one version kicks ass; is to say the other isn't as good. He was implying the PS3's version was better and he topped it of with a smug remark in the end.

Add yourself to the list also you helped spark the crazzyness of this site.

kingboy5258d ago (Edited 5258d ago )

hot news

specialguest5258d ago (Edited 5258d ago )

sega is a neutral developer, so this was somewhat expected. Sonic came out for both consoles, so unless Sony gave them some incentives, why not release for both consoles? there's money to be made here.

(waiting for the fanboy floodgates to open)

mellowspaz5258d ago (Edited 5258d ago )

Not necessarily. If you remember, last round sony received both versions of virtual fighter 4 for the ps2 while microsoft got nothing. So this is pretty significant for xbox owners like myself who want something other than a boob fest from their fighting games.

power of Green 5258d ago

I think what you call fanboy's are already here judging by your post.

here comes the 360 fanboys, what sa joke lol, it's basiclly 360 news and this guy's saying: here comes the 360 fanboys lol.

devv055258d ago

Sony is losing more exclusives every day..

devv055258d ago

Sony is losing more exclusives every day..