Gamers Universe: Guitar Hero: On Tour Review

Gamers Universe writes: "Combining the monstrous Guitar Hero franchise with Nintendo's all-conquering touch-screen handheld seems like the ultimate money-making match made in heaven. Sales of both obliterate the competition on a monotonously regular basis, so surely Guitar Hero: On Tour represents another opportunity to further domination by these two gaming behemoths. Right?

Well... yes and no.

"Yes" because even though it's barely been on sale for a month or so, On Tour has sold a staggering number of copies - even the new DS/GH bundles are vanishing by the proverbial bucket load. But also "No" because, from a gamer's perspective, this has to be considered a massive disappointment."

+Remains true to GH template
+24 varied tracks
+It's brilliant – when it works

-Cramp inducing controls
-Tinny compressed audio
-Inaccurate strum mechanics

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