Gamers Universe: SingStar Volume 2 Review

Gamers Universe werites: "Casual gaming continues to dominate software sales in these Nintendo-friendly times, to the extent that almost every console release now ships with simplified control options and family-friendly difficulty settings. Sony's SingStar franchise has proven a significant player in this area spearheading a karaoke revolution in 2004 and following with an almost innumerable amount of themed add-on packs. SCEE's money hats have to be over-sized sombreros at this point.

Almost four years on from the original craze we've finally reached Volume 2 of SingStar on the PS3, melding artists as diverse as The Cure, Paul McCartney and Bobby Brown into one glorious and eclectic package. It doesn't do anything differently, but it gives you a brand-new opportunity to look like an idiot in front of a global audience. And after all, isn't that what social gaming is about?"

+Fantastic multiplayer
+Party friendly
+Backwards compatible
+Good community

-Expensive songs
-Low-resolution videos
-Track selection not great

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