1UP: Dead Space 'Three Questions' Preview

In Shane Bettenhausen's E3 preview for Electronic Arts' upcoming sci-fi horror title Dead Space, he included his original impressions of the game when it was first announced: "a gimmicky, piecemeal affair that liberally borrowed even gimmicky concepts from competing titles." Yet after seeing the game in-person, he quickly turned around, stating, "We approached Dead Space with pithy skepticism, yet we emerged as total converts." Despite that, following a new hands-on demo of the game last week, another coworker told me that he thought the game looks too traditional and "desperately lacks a gimmick." Flipping through 1UP's notes on the demo, these clashing opinions stood out to them as raising some of the most important questions that gamers who haven't played Dead Space must be asking. They'll try to answer them from 1UP's point of view in this preview.

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big shadow3810d ago

dead space looks pretty good