1UP: Capcom's Ben Judd Interview

1UP writes: "How does one go from translating manuals to reviving not just one, but two classic game franchises? To say there are a few things weighing on Bionic Commando producer Ben Judd is putting it lightly. Being one of the first U.S.-born producers in a Japanese company isn't the easiest road to pave, that's for sure.

We traveled to Osaka, Japan to meet up with Judd, who gave us a very intimate look inside Capcom. He explained the differences between a Japanese and Western developers, bringing back Bionic Commando, and a lot more.

1UP: How long have you been with Capcom?

Ben Judd: Five years.

1UP: Where was your start in the company?

BJ: I began as a marketing specialist -- which is a nonsense name that they give you so you think you have a title that means something, but it just means they couldn't find a proper title for you. So I was in charge of translating manuals, did some interpretation translation at events, and I demoed stuff for the PR team."

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