Braid may hit PSN but not Wii

Jonathan Blow told GameFocus that XBLA game "Braid" might hit the PS Network later on. The Wii? Nah...

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dachiefsman5407d ago

is that what your avatar is saying to?

Overr8ed5407d ago (Edited 5407d ago )

Some ps fanboys were flaming that this game suxs and now that PSN gets it people are now saying share the luv.

@ Sonarus
My point is that people often flip flop on their ideas if a game is exclusive to a platform. I dont even know how the gameplay of this game is like so i cant say it suxs or not.

oh and i never ment to blame Le-mo sorry if i confused anyone.

SolidSnake935407d ago

He's actually shooting the yellow projectile.

TheDude2dot05407d ago

Maybe people like Power of Green ruined it with his awful descriptions of it...

Or it was because it was exclusive to XBLA.

Either way I'll buy it if it is cheap. The only reason I bought Mortal Kombat II was because it was five dollars.

sonarus5407d ago

@Over8ed. Did you ever see Le-mo say the game was crap? Does Le-mo speak for every PS3 owner. I personally haven't played braid but i have seen a couple of videos and from what i understand its like the new super mario or sumthin which is great and all but i personally don't see what makes the game get 10's but i won't critique it till i play it which should hopefully be soon

TheWickedOne5407d ago

Well, Overr8ed, I never said once I wouldn't want Braid on the PSN. WEIRD HA.

ElementX5407d ago

Your icon looks like Kirby is getting a golden shower

mfwahwah5407d ago

Oh my God, when I read this I just cracked a huge smile. I really want this game! (I'm not a flip flopper fyi!)

ThanatosDMC5407d ago

But butt... i thought this game sucked cuz it was on 360???

Anyway, i want to know more about Fat Princess.

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Fishy Fingers5407d ago (Edited 5407d ago )

Good news for PS3 only owners. Possibly the best game on Live, up there with Geometry Wars (also rumoured to join the PSN).

How do you disagree with that?

power of Green 5407d ago (Edited 5407d ago )

Sorry for dissagreeing, I don't think anybody should be happy untill the PS3 version is in development if they decide to make a PS3 version. Also never heard of the GW rumor about GW heading to PS3.

NO_PUDding5407d ago

I heard of Geometry Wars coming to PSN. Can't rememebr where though.

Nevermind, I would like to see both.

Fishy Fingers5407d ago (Edited 5407d ago )

POG, here you go

Quote "Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2 is >>currently<< an Xbox 360 exclusive title,"

"although PSN is definitely in our company plans going forward."

did you think I was making this up? o_O

power of Green 5407d ago (Edited 5407d ago )

How do you dissagree with facts?.

"PS3 fans should be happy"
"Yes PS3 gets this game"
"OMG I wasn't expecting this"
"This is an wonderful addition to PSN"

Are all wrong reactions and don't make any sense when the devs said it might come to PSN after the timed exclusive deal runs out.


The propper resonse should be:

*Lets cross our fingers for this to be on PS3*
*I hope Sony will make a deal*
*I hope the devs are not busy later on so PSN gets it.

Surfman5407d ago (Edited 5407d ago )

GW is good, but i think SSHD is better(with the add-ones). Better graphics and much fun.

MazzingerZ5407d ago (Edited 5407d ago )

@power of Green
No one is happy nor sad. the developer was very clear, once the timed exclusivity expires they can do whatever they want with the game and I don't think they will choose to keep it X360 exclusive just because they want to help MSFT to fight against evil SONY

Personally, I'll only buy it if it's 10 bucks and knowing SONY (based on the price for other PSN gmes) I'm sure it will cost that.

ice_prophecy5407d ago

I dont understand PoG why you are quick to attack and quick to Defend. In fact, too many people are.

Either ways, it ultimately is beneficial to both users and the developers if true. The developers get access to a substantial market, while gamers are given the opportunity to play what reviews seem to point to as a good game.

I LOVE my xbox5407d ago

Fishy Fingers just owned Power of Green. Sweet.

thereapersson5407d ago

Every time I see you post, it reeks of desperation and spin. Why don't you just give up on this website?

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Relcom5407d ago

Thank god, i have been jonesin to play this so bad. Share the love

kalistyles5407d ago

Geometry Wars is a good game, but Super Stardust HD is much better. They're very similar but I'd give the edge to SSHD.

Mr_Showtime15407d ago

I liked the visual asthetics of Geo wars better, but bot being able to boost is quite an annoying thing, also I dont like how Geo Wars 2 zooms in-close.

DJ5407d ago

But Super Stardust HD is still my favorite shooter.

Adamalicious5407d ago

Yeah - SSHD just plays better if you ask me. The spherical worlds make it a lot more interesting.

GiantEnemyCrab5407d ago

I'm just the opposite I guess. I don't own a PS3 but have played it on a friends PS3 and SSHD just doesn't seem as compelling as GeoWars2. The skill level is night and day, even on the easiest setting GeoWars2 takes a lot more skill than SSHD on a medium setting. Plus all the new modes in GeoWars2 make SSHD seem linear in its option's.

Both are good for the type of games they are and it's all a matter of opinion but GeoWars > SSHD for me and much of the game industry agrees it seems.

mfwahwah5407d ago

I've never played Geometry Wars, but the SSHD demo was REALLY fun. I'm going to have to buy it one of these days lol.

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