Here Are the Best Black Friday Gaming Deals

Black Friday is a holiday unto itself, and it's a great time to get some games for cheap. Here's the ones you want to look out for.

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Crispyleeks2632d ago

Well...looks like I'm picking up Forza 6 then! And there was me saying I wasn't going to buy any more games this year -_-

GigawattConduit2632d ago

"Oh no"... :p I'm looking at grabbing MKX and Dying Light. Heard great things about Dying.

GigawattConduit2632d ago

I missed out on it during the initial January run, but since we've got some downtime in a few weeks, it'll be a good time to catch up.

USMC_POLICE2631d ago

It's an awesome game I love it! Enjoy!

idsanty2632d ago

Been eyeing that blue PS Vita from Gamestop.

GigawattConduit2632d ago

I do like the color blue...

FunkyGoron2632d ago

Get it, Vita is amazing. Trophies on the go is fun.

Golden Abyss, Freedom Wars, and Tearaway. You'll get your $$ worth from your Vita off those games alone.

EdMcGlone2632d ago

Where can we get that splatoon/SSB wii u bundle?

EdMcGlone2632d ago

Gamestop or is Nintendo selling it themselves?

GigawattConduit2632d ago

Gamestop's selling it, and it looks like Best Buy and Target will be, too. Nintendo as well.

DonBugen2632d ago

Walmart, Target, and Meijer are selling it for $249. GameStop is selling it for $30 more, at $279, which is why this crap article mentions $279 as the discounted price, making it sound like only a few retailers are selling it for less.

carmelo432631d ago

Why waste money on that when nx is close

DonBugen2632d ago

Huh. When the title of an article reads “Here Are the Best Black Friday Gaming Deals,” you kind of expect that the article would, you know… show you where the best Black Friday gaming deals are. Instead, it’s nothing but three pages of, “Hey! There’s discounts on consoles and stuff! I’ve seen these prices at some places, I think. Maybe GameStop? That’s the only store name I know. By the way, these games are on sale at some stores- guess where!”

Literally. The only store name he ever mentions is GameStop. And he only vaguely references deals at other retailers. I smell something rotten. This reads like a poorly-disguised advertisement.

Jerredh2631d ago

Adds disguised as journalism. Southpark just had a whole episode on this. Lmao