Braid creator says next game influenced by Myst

Jonathan Blow, developer of our latest addiction Braid told Game Focus in a special interview that he is considering working on a new game similar to Myst.

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THWIP3719d ago

...they'll be ripping off Myst, just like they ripped off Mario, Donkey Kong, and a ton of other games. Maybe this time, they'll actually do SOMETHING original.

elitewh0re3718d ago

oh you're right donkey kong had time manipulation too...

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3718d ago

But Jinx did.

But I guess its safe to say, most games now are just mixtures and updated versions of older games. so...

Fat Princess3718d ago

And why was this only submitted to the 360 section? You guys DO know that he might never develop another game for XBLA right? Look here.

DA_SHREDDER3718d ago

How could people give this game a better score then COD4? I really hate video game journalism. Everyone in the gaming media is a fanboy or another, especially towards the 360. You could put a turd on xbla and get a metacritic score of 80 or more and sell it for 1200 microsoft points..

Zerodin3718d ago

I played this 27 years ago, when it was called Donkey Kong.

RAM MAGNUMS3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

I will kill all arcade classic games & whatever this dev makes on a game called littlebigplanet.
when lbp hits whos gonna care about theses recycled formulas?!
lbp! Save me from this average world with ordinary games!!!
I'm counting on ya! Take cover!

Lbp will destroy these "games" that you can play on the Internet free before you sign up
for porn. Lbp is the retro killer! Get used to that children.
I grew up on these games & they sucked until mario bros came out.
it was a waste of quarters then & its a waste of dollars now.
let's be real for a second.