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From Software’s Bloodborne was a title that I enjoyed greatly earlier this year. The shift from fluted armor and dragons to cosmic Eldritch horror, the avoidance of lumbering rolls in favor of greased lightning dodges, and the effective removal of shields all seemed to cohesively reflect a new design ethos: face your fears, and react quickly to them. Bloodborne’s new expansion, The Old Hunters, stays true to this formula, and offers up some of the best twisted atmosphere and tense combat that has come out of From – but it’s also wildly uneven, disappointingly shallow, and accentuates the flaws of the base game. If you’re a die-hard fan who’s still running chalice dungeons 8 months after release, The Old Hunters will definitely offer some new weapons to swing around, and new bosses to swing them against. But if your copy of Bloodborne has been collecting dust, The Old Hunters’ limited content and high asking price fail to provide enough incentive to jump into Yharnam again.

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Septic1333d ago

Hmm really low score but also in the minority. I'm hearing graet things so I'll take this with a pinch of falafel.

Master-H1333d ago

Limited content and high asking price? 10-15 hours of new content for $20 is too much ? some full $60 full games don't come with that much of content. Can't take this review seriously.

Maxor1333d ago

Hmmm. I haven't played it yet but I'm expecting a Witcher 3 style expansion. I spent 30-50 hours in that alone. Is this not the case? 10-15 hours is freaking short.

SCW19821333d ago

10 to 15 hours is freaking short? Are you serious right now? Entitled much?

Master-H1333d ago

The Witcher is a different game. Bloodborne's main game is about 30-40 hours first time you play it. You seriously expect the DLC, which is third of the main game's price, to be just as long as the main game itself ???????

randomguy351333d ago

$20 bucks for 12-15hrs of content is a very reasonable price to pay for this expansion imo. Being a level 130 myself I've not ran across those two hit kill enemies in my playthrough, hell I'd say it takes 2 hits to kill me instead. You probably suck at this game so I'll chalk it up as a b#llshit/clickbait article.

asadachi1333d ago

everyone has the right to their opinions, but reading this about the writer: "Freelance writer and video production guy. Loves weightlifting, Morrowind, and watching pro wrestling. Hates running, anime, and (also) watching pro wrestling."

Kinda makes sense now; this guy seems more suitable for frat parties than writing game reviews.

SpinalRemains1381333d ago

Why do you say that? He likes gaming.

newgamernation1333d ago

Just because the writer of the article has other interests and happens to have a different opinion than you, doesn't make him any less of a gamer than anyone else in these forums. As you said "everyone has the right to their opinions" so why not live and let live?

asadachi1332d ago

Oh, I thought it was obvious since the article is written so poorly written. I was just making an excuse for you. When one of your main negative points is the game doesn't address complaints with base game, but doesn't go over what those complaints are: it's a crap piece of writing. Sorry I upset you, but I'll make sure to avoid any articles from your website in the future and lessen any grief for the both of us.