The Cost Of Getting A PS3 Four Days Before Most People? $2,000

We've already pointed to some of the madness associated with people trying to get a PS3 early, but Clive Thompson has tried to put a price on it. Based on his rather informal survey of eBay pricing of PS3s over time, it was worth approximately $2,000 to people to get a PS3 four days before others. That is, the day the PS3 was released, you could buy one for about $3,000 on eBay. Within four days, the price had dropped to $1,000, and it's remained around there since.

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Yo Wassap5253d ago

lucky guys who sold theirs, evil though.

willymcd5253d ago

that a good portion of ps3 at the moment were never meant to be played but to be sold. I like it how the wii has sold almost 2 million and the Ps3 half a million and how the wii has gone up in ebay prices and is in huge demand while the ps3 has gone down in demand and prices.

commadore655253d ago

People who waste that kind of money, probably have some kind of obscene income.

power0919995253d ago

Ebay is showing that PS3 is still the item with the highest demand.

Followed by IPOD's, and then Wii's. At least that what it was yesterday. Although I would be interested in numbers personally.

PS3n3605253d ago

I watched 3 auctions end with no bids for less tan retail. I dont think demand is as high for PS3 as Xbox was last season. My brother-in-law has 2 60 gig and one 20 gig and he cant recoup his money on them and may take a loss. Oh well he made a killing last year with the 360's he sold

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