Luc Bernard's Pitch For The Star Thief

Luc Bernard plans to take a break from the videogame industry for personal reasons. Given the mixed reception around the release of his debut game Eternity's Child on Steam he feels it is time to hang up his golden joypad for now and move on to other things in life.

Could Luc be being too hasty however? Whatever your opinion on Eternity's Child it did have beautiful art direction and is quite a unique game despite certain failings. Luc did have big plans for videogame development and the WiiWare service in particular. It does seem a shame that some of his more creative ideas may now never see the light of day.

Not willing to be forgotten just yet, Luc has given WiiWare World exclusive permission to reveal his pitch for a WiiWare game which he and his team worked on and devised called The Star Thief. It is obvious that quite some thought and effort had gone into this pitch. Luc told us that before the Eternity's Child debacle there were some very interested publishers in this game concept. We have to admit to being more than a little sad that this game may never see the light of day as we think it could have had great potential.

The good news is that some of this game has been developed already and Luc hopes to make it available as a free downloadable demo or as an update to the Steam version of Eternity's Child when he's had a chance to fine tune it.

Read on, and let us know your thoughts on Luc's pitch.....

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