PALGN: Red Faction: Guerilla Preview

PALGN writes: "When we got to play Red Faction: Guerilla back at THQ Gamers Day in April, it completely whet our appetite for what was looking to be like one hell of a quality title. It was still so far away back then, and we quite frankly weeped at the idea of putting the controller down, knowing that we'd have to wait several months before getting to ruthlessly destroy everything in sight one more time. Needless to say, we were thrilled with the idea of being a part of the beta, and getting to take the game for a spin from the comfort of our own homes where we could spend as much uninterrupted time as we like in an interactive playground full of buildings to take down, weapons to mess around with and of course, other players online that we can take to school and show off our mad shooting skills. Alright, so the third one was just wishful thinking, but we still had an awesome time in the process."

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dachiefsman3722d ago

wow. they liked the beta a whole lot more than me. I thought it was sorta fun, but I thought it was missing something.

The hammer is OP too.