Zelda Survey 2015 Results: Story and Exploration on Top, Twilight Princess Has Best Combat, and More

Zelda Informer: "The survey was taken by 9,461 people (over 9000!), though not all of them saw it to completion. In total, 6,603 completed the entirety of the survey, however we counted all people who participated as far as they could go as their responses are not any less relevant. This survey was conducted here at the site and through all of our social media profiles over the course of several months. What I'll do now is post the results of the survey and make notes when needed since sometimes things can be a bit confusing at first glance. You can make of this information what you will - we surely could create several editorials based upon this information. There are a lot of really interesting nuggets to be had."

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Germany71889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

I agree about the exploration and that's what i missed from Skyward Sword, not saying the game was bad, far from it, but the worlds of The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess were more interesting to explore.

Majora's Mask it's probably the game with the best side-quests for a game ever, imo, i also miss that.


I'm so happy this zelda is getting the hd treatment,i was going to buy this on gamecube for a crazy price.

FunkyGoron1889d ago

Best Side Quests: Majora's Mask
Best Exploration: OoT
Best Dungeons: Twilight Princess

"my" favorite combat in the series was always A Link to the Past. Simple and effective.

3-4-51888d ago

TP has best combat ? I'd give that to Wind Waker, but just my opinion.