Uwe Boll's Far Cry Movie Trailer 2

The second trailer for Uwe Boll's Far Cry 2 Movie. It is in German and is the only version currently available.

NOTE: Please use view video link at bottom if video is not working.

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Saint Sony3724d ago

Ouch, Uwe should really check his diet if his rectum grinds out crap like that.

Fishy Fingers3724d ago

LOL, that gave me a chuckle. Half of that may have been the German voice over though. Either way, I know I'll end up watching it :)

Dark_Vendetta3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

OMG this is just so embarrassing for the hole german population. Til schweiger and Ralf Müller in FarCry ... this is ridiculous. Once again I apologize in the name of the germans for this moron (Uwe)

Statix3724d ago

Another videogame franchise and concept completely butchered by one of the worst people of all time. Say goodbye to jungles and exotic locales/landscapes, because THIS vision of Far Cry is all about teh axtion and teh [email protected]!!!!11111

Maldread3724d ago

The only thing this needs is Arnold to be perfect ;)

Can`t say the german helped either ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.