Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Dev "So F**king Stoked" for Next Game

Sledgehammer Games co-founder and chief creative officer Glen Schofield is "so f**king excited" for the developer's next game. Writing on Twitter, he didn't give away any specifics about what the game might be, but something in the Call of Duty space is expected given the studio's history and status.

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2pacalypsenow1060d ago

Not me, I think ill be playing BO3 until the next Treyarch COD

SourtreeDing1060d ago

same lol we should all make a Petition a year from now asking treyarch to continue DLC support for the next year lol

nX1058d ago

Treyarch are the only good CoD developers imo. I did regret all my other CoD purchases pretty fast but black ops is usually worth it's money.

seanpitt231058d ago

If it's in the world war era I will think about it but if its future warfare count me out because bo3 will tie me over.


i wonder what infinity ward is working on? lol more fish ai!!

vanity291058d ago

I like AW. They had a full splitscreen unlike BO3 and its tiny squares.

Relientk771058d ago

I'll pass I don't wanna jump around like jack rabbits

DivineAssault 1058d ago

Who wouldve guessed COD to become the titan it is today? Modern Warfare 2 is when i threw in the towel and seen them start flooding the market.. It was cool back then but i grew sick of it and its not evolving to me.. I guess you dont fix what isnt broken but i cant get into it anymore.. Cudos to those of you having a blast.. No pun intended..

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The story is too old to be commented.