MLB 15: The Show's Challenge of the Week is Cy vs Bry

The NL MVP steps into the box against the newest Cy Young winner It's Cy vs Bry in MLB 15: The Show's Challenge of the Week.

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WeAreLegion2573d ago (Edited 2573d ago )

Arrietta is amazing. Can't wait to see him pitch next season.

richyque2573d ago

But the low sales for this year's version agrees with me.

solidsnake2222573d ago

This year's version turned me from a causal The Show player to an addict. For once I will actually pre order a sports game, something I never do because the changes are never too crazy from previous years. Translation, your opinion is wrong :P

richyque2573d ago

Why don't the players jerseys have cloth physics? Also the players models have been used for the past 8 years with just dynamic hair added on.