CeX Review- Tales of Zestiria

Jason Redmond writes- It's a series that has had an incredible history and although it hasn't changed massively over the years, there's a certain magic to the Tales of games. With its newest iteration, some things have changed, some things have improved but one thing is certain: It's so good to have a new Tales of game on this generation of consoles.

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NewMonday2124d ago

just finished this, has one of the best stories in a Tales game but probably one of the most confusing progression systems.

nikoado2124d ago

That sounds good. I was planning on getting this but was a bit worried about the story. Is the character interaction/development good as well? Is there funny dialogue?

Do you think the gameplay systems are too difficult for a newcomer to the series to get into?

Eiyuuou2124d ago

The equipment system is quite complicated, but it can be mostly overlooked if you play on the normal difficulty.

The story is pretty good, but IMO Tales of Xilia's story was better and less predictable. Nevertheless, the characters, their interactions, dialogues and development is great!

NewMonday2124d ago

character interaction one of the strong points in the Tails games, same on this game.

playing on easy should be fine just for the story, but if you want the challenging difficulty your gonna need to figure out the equipment system like @Eiyuuou said.

also keep a look out for Star Ocean 5 next year, same type of game as Tales but higher production values.

VsAssassin2124d ago

I agree with you guys on the convoluted equipment skill system. They can simplify this in their next Tales game. If the next tales game also features an open world map, they should include side activities like fishing amd hunting, so cooking may be further highlighted.