Microsoft's Hiring Spree for the Next Halo

Microsoft Game Studios recently posted a bunch of recruitment notices up on its site specifically referring to the full fledged development of the next Halo project.

"Hollywood talent", does this mean/hint to Peter Jackson's' much touted Halo project, perhaps only time shall reveal the true nature of this oblivious and shrouded project.

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Eiffel3719d ago

Watch every PS3 owner storm this in a rampage to glorify their system and both sony.

Tobias1233719d ago

But but but, PS3 IS da best consul, Halo is overrated and making a 4th is just totally milking a dead franchise, M$ SUX!!!

Is that what you were expecting? Comments like that are about as bad as the ones ignorant fanboys make defending their beloved systems. Now on topic, I'm quite interested in the new Halo game, hopefully they keep it as fun as the first 3 were.:)

GOTY 20073719d ago

And while attempting to discredit the Halo series at the same time.

ZombieNinjaPanda3719d ago

I'm a ps3 owner, you don't see me discrediting halo do you?

Eiffel3719d ago

Sorry just a Majority of PS3 owners let Sony's false hope fill their head will crap. Sorry if I offended you if it helps I own both I just can't stand sony fanboys on this site.

ZombieNinjaPanda3719d ago

I dislike all fanboys.

Except nintendo fanboys, they're not mean =P

But for some reason, Microsoft fanboys make me want to defend my console... a lot

I Make Stuff Up3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

Way to fulfill your own prediction there.
It seems PS3 owners aren't even needed for animosity to take do a good enough job of it yourself.

I love how people are agreeing with you while I'm sure they completely missed what you meant. LOL I almost want to give you a bubble.

Tobias1233719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

It's not really a majority of PS3 owners that give us(being a PS3 fan myself)a bad name, just the ones that do are bloody loud. Microsoft fanboys and Sony fanboys are about equal when it comes to the moron spectrum from what I've seen, it just depends on what day of the week you show up. That said, most intelligent gamers can sit back and enjoy games regardless of what platform they are on.

EDIT: @1.6 Yeahhh, when typing that out I was thinking in the back of my head "I wonder how many people are going to completely mistake what I'm saying here..."

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Meus Renaissance3719d ago

This game was announced at X06 and we haven't heard anything from it since then.

dachiefsman3719d ago

and its bullsh|t. seriously.

silverchode3719d ago

is peter jackson making a halo movie?

Lucreto3719d ago

He was but no studio would make it as Peter Jackson and MS wanted too much money.

DaKid3719d ago

Also there has been a rumor going around that the film is back on with a new script. This could be for the game that Jackson is working on also.

jonboi243719d ago

Hopefully it does get support from some top studios like WB and Paramount. I know a lot of studios are looking for the next big movie franchise and Halo could be it. Halo has a big following and it could make a lot of money. So Sony Pictures better get this movie j/k. Hahahahaha how ironic would that be.

silverchode3719d ago

that would very ironic. if that were to happen i wonder if hardcore 360 fanboys would watch the movie.

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IdleLeeSiuLung3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )


jonboi243719d ago

Will Master Chief be in this game? Could this be Peter Jackson's Halo game? I really hope so. I'm actually quite interested in the events that took prior to the Halo and what happens to Master Chief after Halo 3. Here's hoping that it real be good.

@Eiffel - I'm a satisfied PS3 owner/supporter and I know Sony fanboys gives us bad names but there are some who know how to appreciate a good game and console. 360 is a great system and Halo is a great franchise and if some idiot fanboy can't see that they belong in the Open Zone.

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