Gameboy 1up a whole new take on a classic system

While browsing the net like we all do, I run across something every interesting called GameBoy 1up. The GameBoy has been reimagined by German Designer Florian Renner, his redesign of our beloved GameBoy is something all retro gamers would like to have.

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Double_O_Revan2072d ago

Pretty. But I think I would still prefer it more vertical as it was originally.

DivineAssault 2072d ago

I was thinking this was a retron type device for all the handhelds.. Pity its just a concept

2072d ago
Pillsbury12072d ago

I have been saying this for years, they need to bring back the game boy name. The amount of brand recognition attached to the name game boy is priceless. Think of the millions of people that most likely don't game on a handheld anymore but familiarize themselves with the name gameboy. It would mean a lot of sales for nintendo if they brought that namesake back.

TheSheEti2072d ago

Not taking this away from your comment, the Game Boy was a great generation for Nintendo, but the DS systems have done more than their fair share for Nintendo. I feel nowadays people would recognise the DS systems more than Game Boy (It did come out 25 years ago, Wow just checked that too!). Plus it would seem like a down grade if they went to just having a one screen handheld next.

Pillsbury12072d ago

Yes currently the ds has had huge success in recent years but older generations of gamers knew and recognized the gameboy system as it is one of the best selling handhelds at 118 million units. I just think it would reinvigorate the handheld market as nostalgia is a powerful thing.