Nyko Data Bank for PS4 and compatible SSHDs discounted

The Nyko Data Bank for PS4, which adds 3.5-inch hard drive compatibility, has been discounted to $34.99. Also on sale are two compatible solid state hybrid drives, the Seagate 2TB Desktop Gaming SSHD at $79.99 and Seagate 4TB Gaming SSHD at $149.99.

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SaveMeJebus1727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )

Good Deals! If you dont mind used you could save a few bucks on the drives.
I've seen the Data Bank used for as low as $20-$25 from time to time but no luck today.

weirdo1726d ago

this looks ridiculous on the ps4. ruins the pretty lines. Fugly.

RevXM1726d ago

So how does the Databank work these days?
It's known that the Ps4 has issues with larger drives.
Has that been patched?
Will the PS4 now work with a 4TB SSHD without major drawbacks?

Ive wanted a DB forever so I could load a fat 4TB SSHD on top of my ps4 but from what Ive seen on the internet its mostly problems when installing large capacity drives like 2TB+. :(

SP4CE_C4PT4IN1726d ago

I've been on the fence for quite some time- From what I've heard, once you go above 2TB is when you start to sacrifice performance. Aside from that it still functions, just slower. That being said, you can still do a 2TB internal and keep the sleek look of the PS4 intact.

I know it doesn't really answer your questions, just wanted add my thoughts!