Speedrunning: A Humble Beginning

By now, anyone who is as entrenched into gaming culture as I am has heard of the term speedrunning. Basically a speedrunner is anyone who attempts to complete a video game as quickly as possible without the use of cheats or outside assistance. As of lately the speedrunning community has been growing exponentially and even has dedicated charity events that manage to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars and captivate thousands of fans. However, the question we need to ask ourselves is . . . how? How did such a niche subculture of the gaming community become so mainstream? I believe the answer lies in the beginnings of the very popular Doom and Metroid series.

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JOKERACN71087d ago

It's pretty challenging and fun. Doom is my favorite.

thugtrio1087d ago

Doom is a very fast paced game as well, which is perfect for speedrunning! :D