Pocket Gamer Reviews: Radius

Pocket Gamer writes:

In geometry, a radius measures the distance between a sphere's perimeter and centre. In other words, it's half the length of the shape's diameter. Radius lives up to its namesake, drafting fun gameplay that unfortunately only goes half the distance. One mode of play, a lack of features, and technical flaws hardly encompasses our idea of a well-rounded game.

Radius turns your iPhone on its side for sphere-spinning action. Using your finger, the objective is to tap enemies that pop up on the sphere's surface. Since enemies appear across the entire surface area, you need to spin the sphere to locate them. Flicking your finger over the sphere sends in spinning in that direction. You can stop it from spinning by holding your finger down on the touchscreen. It takes a few sessions to acquaint yourself with the controls, as they're a tad on the sensitive side.

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