A analysis attempt of the “Kotaku has been blacklisted by Bethesda and Ubisoft” situation

Even though I (Robin Ek, The Gaming Ground) have never been a frequent reader of Kotaku, I have still not been able to avoid all the scandals which they have caused over the years. However, the most recent “Kotaku has been blacklisted by Bethesda and Ubisoft” situation takes the price for sure. So this would be my thoughts and opinions on the matter.

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UserNameIsNotTaken2247d ago (Edited 2247d ago )

This picture in the article is awesome.
Anyways, Kotaku should blacklist themselves if they love blacklist themselves I'd they love blacklisting so much.

TGG_overlord2247d ago

Thanks ;) Well, I´m surprised that EA and Activision haven´t blacklisted them yet. As Kotaku has leaked info, pictures and such for their games in the past.

indyman77772247d ago

A site getting blacklisted by UBI soft? I'm i'm I didn't know Kotaku was tooo honest. Every site leaks, everyone! The real reason is they are not playing ball and giving great reviews!

rainslacker2247d ago


By the editor and chiefs own admission the blackouts started when Totillo allowed leaked information to be printed "as a service to their readers" for the purpose of "honesty and truthyness"(Paraphrased.. .didn't want to give Kotaku another click to get the actual quote".

The reviews have nothing to do with it, because Kotaku has never given a bad review to big ubi or bethesda games.

Anyhow, just because everyone leaks doesn't make it right. It's the nature of the leak, and how it was reported that was the problem.

donthate2247d ago

Well, a lot of these websites are now going to experience more and more of that moving forward as publishers/developer now communicate directly with customers/fans so I expect ATVI and ERTS to do this too soon.

I would sympathize with Kotaku more if they weren't a sensationalizing clickbaiting site looking for hits and not really providing gaming news as a service to gamers!

UserNameIsNotTaken2247d ago

Just read my comment lol
I meant that (they should blacklist themselves if they love blacklisting so much.)
I need a nap lol

FlameBaitGod2247d ago

They should be blacklisted from this site.

Palitera2247d ago (Edited 2247d ago )

This site isn't here to make anyone feel good. It is here to make money.

And our clicks (yup, yours too) is what make us and the staff sure that they won't blacklist Kotaku.

Why would N4G avoid the hits? In the end, the users collectively choose to put Kotaku in the top on every flamebait article they do, by clicking and cursing and yelling and fanboying etc.

It would be good, yeah, but it won't happen because WE give N4G MONEY for the bs articles posted here from Kotaku. ;)

Simon_the_sorcerer2247d ago

I hardly doubt that N4G would do that though, so it´s wishful thinking ;)

FlameBaitGod2247d ago

That have done it with other sites so ? So discrimination then ? because they can blacklist some sites but not others ? That wouldn't hold in a court of law lol and yes you can sue sites.

rainslacker2247d ago


I would agree 100%, but about 6 months ago all articles related to GG were banned from the site, and those were always hit magnets.

N4G also does ban sites that get to too much clickbait.

For Kotaku though, they do have some good news first, and some good interviews, which is probably why they get to stick around. While the bulk of their content is inflammatory or useless, it can't be denied that they do have the influence to get some good stories.

Would be nice if that influence dwindled. I find them mostly irrelevant now except for the fact that there still a lot of people that go there, and unfortunately, they can cause waves within the community and industry making them an extreme nuisance.

DOMination-2246d ago

The hiphopgamer was banned from n4g

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Simon_the_sorcerer2247d ago

Well, to be fair. Kotaku is Kotaku...

TGG_overlord2247d ago

True. However, this time they might not be able to recover from this blunder. As it´s a "trust" issue kind of thing.

Simon_the_sorcerer2247d ago

I don´t know if it´s true or not, but there is a rumor going around that Kotaku is down for the count now.

rainslacker2247d ago (Edited 2247d ago )

I've had a thought that Kotaku may be trying to stir up GG again, just so they can capitalize on it by attacking the gamers with their crap once again. lets face it, nothing drives hit like a nice GG/SJW/anti-GG article.

It does strike me as odd that right now, with the massive amounts of games and things to report on for the holidays that one of the biggest topics going is about Kotaku being blacklisted.

Kotaku has proved they are really bad at journalism, but awesome at social engineering, and Totillos' article reeked of "support us in this travesty" matra.

Hoffmann2247d ago

Remember when kirk hamilton from Kotaku tried to piss on your shoe and tell you it's raining?

#gamergate does.

TGG_overlord2247d ago

Sadly enough, I still remember that one. To be fair though, my experience with D3 was a rather disappointing one. As it took me over two weeks before I could even play the game (due to server errors) -_- I think that D3 became much better over time though. Anyhow, what do you think will happen to Kotaku now?

Hoffmann2247d ago

In the end..nothing.

The site is blacklisted by two big software houses but their own article regarding it showed that they see themselfes in the right side of course and they want and will continue to write for us consumers..blabla. That's what they believe at least.

We, the gamers will continue to shake our heads regarding Kotaku and other sites like Polygon and sometimes Destructoid or Gamingbolt and there will be more articles like the one from this N4G submission.

Nothing changes except there a few more new websites that try to be better than the old guards are getting created but closed after some time again because nobody visits them and they have no chance on the market.

This is why I get my gaming news mainly from here n4g, a small german news site named gamespress and from a couple of tweets by developers

002247d ago

kotaku is nothing but sensationalist bloggers I'm surprised it took this long for them to be ignored after spending years shit flinging on everybody.

TGG_overlord2247d ago

12 years mate. Honestly, I was quite surprised to find out that Kotaku has been around since 2004. Even more so that EA and Activision haven't blacklisted them as well (at least not as far as I know).

retrogamer092247d ago

To be fair I haven't paid much attention to Kotaku's content in years due to the site being terrible, but if all they did was expose the fact that Fallout 4 was in development and Ubisoft stuff then blacklisting them makes no sense to me. Actually more gaming sites, magazines, and other media should be doing just that. They should be asking game publishers the hard questions, digging up dirt to find out about games in development, and getting exclusive content on a regular basis. Problem is gaming journalism is so bad that the consumer doesn't care and the consumer frequents a lot of these sites for fanboy arguments. I frequent movie websites all the time and the top sites like the hollywood reporter and variety are always breaking movie updates, always posting credible rumors, always getting exclusive first looks and interviews, etc.

Now if Ubi and Bethesda blacklisted them for being a crap site then lord knows they should do it to guys like Dualshockers, furious fanboys, and a lot of these small gaming websites that get review copies.

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