Analysis: Kotaku, blacklisting, and the independence of the gaming press

Ars Technica:

"As someone who’s written about games for nearly 20 years, I spend a lot of time thinking about the relationship between the press and the larger games industry. But I’ve been doing even more thinking in the wake of a blockbuster article on Kotaku alleging that the site has been effectively blacklisted by two major publishers for more than a year."

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SpiralTear2259d ago

Kotaku wants to reap the physical swag and press appearance benefits of being game journalists, but the second their integrity as the press comes under fire and they're told to abide by some kind of code or journalistic rules, they're suddenly "bloggers." They want all of the privilege of journalism without any of the actual accountability of reporting accurately for the benefit of the gaming community. They just want clicks and money.

Until they can quit being hypocrites, why in the world should the gaming community trust them? Spoiler alert: they shouldn't.

Crimzon2258d ago

On the topic of Kotaku being hypocrites, I find it hilarious that they contributed to a blacklist shared between journalists that was uncovered by GamerGate, but when they actually get added to one themselves they cry and whine about it.

vongruetz2258d ago

The problem is with the term "games journalist." Most sites offer little to zero "journalism" and instead repeat press releases or offer opinions/editorials on games. Kotaku consistently offers actual journalism which provides news and stories that are independent of the company's official messaging.

In no other industry or beat do reporters have such a cozy and close relationship with those people they cover without being called out on it. But in games, they need to become buddy-buddy in order to get that early access, which their careers are based on.

BrianOBlivion2258d ago

I walked away from a paid Ars Technica subscription because I was so sick of hearing them spin the same GamerGate lies over and over. They were complicit with Kotaku in the matter, so anything they might have to say regarding the independence and integrity of gaming journalism is worthless.

Somebody2258d ago

"a blockbuster article"

Lol. Try "desperate." As much as Kotaku thinks that it is entitled to free games or preview access to upcoming games, game devs/publishers also have the right to pick which game sites to have such entitlement. Obviously Kotaku have pushed a couple of buttons a bit too far and this is the path that the devs chose to take.

blackblades2258d ago

Sure is a lot of articles on this popping up.

donwel2258d ago

Kotaku dun goofed mate and to be honest this is an opportunity for a lot of anger over kotakus shitty practices and somewhat chequered history to be vented.

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