NPD: PCs More Popular Than Any One Console; PS3 Owners Most Likely to Have Multiple Consoles

The PC is the most popular platform for gaming and PlayStation 3 owners are more likely to have multiple consoles, according to the results of the Games Segmentation 2008 report from sales tracking and marketing research firm The NPD Group.

Though PCs were "used more than any single console for gaming," NPD stressed that "Console Gamers, Young Heavy Gamers and Extreme Gamers are more likely to use consoles than a PC to play video games."

In addition to stating that PlayStation 3 owners are most likely to have other "next-generation" consoles than Wii and Xbox 360 owners, NPD claims only 10% of PS2 owners have a PS3. In the realm of portables, 45% of PSP owners have a Nintendo DS, but only 21% of DS owners have a PSP.

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Mr_Bun3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

There is no way that the wii isn't in the lead for owners having multiple consoles...There isn't one person that I know that owns a wii, that didn't buy another next gen console (including myself). Sure the wii has it's gimmicky controls and cheaper price point, but after the novelty wore off, I went out (like almost everyone else I know) and bought another console as I wasn't happy with the lack of "quality" games from the wii.

xhairs93719d ago

They don't consider the Wii as their primary console therefore the PS3 "owners" part comes in. You see what I mean? Regardless of owning a PS3 means you also probably own a 360 -- the PS3 is considered your PRIMARY console.

Mr_Bun3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

Yeah, I see what you mean...with the wording of "primary", but I still think that people who buy a wii will most likely purchase a PS3 or 360 rather than buy a PS3 or 360 first, then buy a wii. I don't think people who are playing gears or mgs4 are saying "you know what, I think I am missing out on Super Mario Galaxy." Maybe I am looking at this topic the wrong way.

Guitarded3719d ago

Even non-gamers who have no desire to learn which button to push to make their character jump, squat, open the door, etcetera. I believe that is why Wii owners are less likely to have another console.

SuperM3719d ago

Dude, just because everyone you know that bought a wii also bought another next gen console doesnt mean that most wii owners also buy another next gen console. After all your friends are probably hardcore gamers and not casuals like most wii owners are. casual gamers dont care as much for graphic and they buy what is cheap and seem fun.

Panthers3718d ago

But everyone you are talking about is probably a gamer. I have a lot of people I know who are not gamers who only have the Wii. They dont have or want another console.

mistertwoturbo3718d ago

I happen to fall under the same category of people who bought a Wii and regret the crap out of it.

It's definitely made for children, as my nephew and niece enjoys it.

But after beating SMG, Zelda, and playing MGS: Twin snakes a million times. The Wii is a waste of money.

Oh but wait, there is WiiMusic!!! OOoOoooh cant wait for that one. lol

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3719d ago

True,PS3 owners can afford other consoles such as the Wii and "the other console" to enrich their gaming experience.PC is often used for popular games like WoW or Orange Box.We at Sony like to give consumers choice in the matter

NewSchoolGamer3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

owners have other next gen consoles what is that supposed to mean?

Why would they make a study on that? It's pointless. Well I'm sure the fanboys will come up with something.

thewhoopimen3719d ago

The answer is simple... PS3 owners have a higher disposable income.

Bladestar3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

or the PS3 does not offer a complete experience and gamers have to look for it elsewhere... I mean it's common sense... if the PS3 had everything a PS3 owner wants then they wouldn't have to buy another game console... it's possible that lots of PS3 owners buy a PS3 for Metal Gear and Blu-ray movie play back primarily... but have many games they want to play in other consoles...
I mean it does not matter how much you hate the xbox 360; the undeniable fact (metacritics) it does have the larger library of AAA titles this gen...

Trust me... if the xbox 360 had 0 games worth buying the console for PS3 fans out of all people would not touch it; let alone actually PAY for one.

xhairs93719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

Shouldn't you be at the playground spinning on the merry-go-round?

PS3 has a 2% flop-rate on its gaming library whereas the 360 has a 10%+ flop-rate. You really got me with that huge AAA library...

PS3 also has a 9% AAA rate and the 360 has a 10% AAA rate.

Can you do math? Probably not, the numbers obviously favor the PS3 so I would do some research before you start pulling out bullshit and citing a website that didn't say anything about what you said.

cervantes993719d ago

I purchased a 360 after I purchased my PS3 because I wanted to play the 360 exclusives - simple as that. I am completely satisfied with my PS3 and its exclusives as well. Now when I buy multi-platform games I choose based on which one has the better version.


I bought Soul Calibur 4 on PS3 because I like the PS3's DPAD better.
I bought Orange Box on 360 because the PS3 version was garbage.
etc ... etc.

I have both consoles because that is what true gamers do - they like to play ALL great games regardless of system.

Kratos Spartan3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

Nobody is as good as spinning as you are, sir. Just how do you do it without getting dizzy? Folks, we're dealing with a professional here. Okay I got one for ya. How is it that Sony's first attempt at the gaming market were able to destroy all competition, with 100 million sold, while Microsoft's first attempt couldn't even come close with 25 million sold and then dumped? Please, do your best.

Guitarded3719d ago

You statement is a prime example of one of the reasons the PS3 has sold so well till now. You are living in past Playstation glory. PS3 is NOT the BEST choice for GAMING THIS generation!

morganfell3719d ago

PS3 gamers have more money.

MikeGdaGod3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

did you ever think of people like me that bought a 360 when it first came out then bought a ps3 when it came out. Therefore we have 2 systems.

If I were to think like you I could say that I bought a ps3 after buying a 360 because the 360 didn't fullfill all my gaming needs. (which is actually kind of true)

SuperM3719d ago

Or it could mean that alot of ps3 owners are former 360 and wii owners who didnt get what they wanted from their consoles and bought a ps3 aswell... you see that logic works both ways, but i would not expect someone like you to understand that. Infact id have to say that is even more likely then what you suggested since owners of other consoles might want a blu ray player, thus buying a ps3.

And since ps3 is the most expensive console, its very likely that ps3 owners have more money on average then owners of other consoles, thus having money to spend on other consoles.

mistertwoturbo3718d ago

lol @ bladestar.

I promote people buying both consoles if they can afford it. You're the only type of person who hates people just because they are true gamers and you're not. I believe you're also a potential racist in real life as well, the fact is people already WANT an xbox360. (Aside from the hardcore ps3 fanboys who is just as bad as you)

These people who buy both consoles, knows there is great games on both consoles. As much as some deny it, they cant deny Gears of War. They cant deny Forza 2. They cant deny how Fable 2 is going to the change the way we look at RPGs.

tweaker3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

LOL @ Bladestar. Man, you are not a true gamer at all. I like how you spin the fact that PS3 owners look into other consoles to get the full gaming experience. Of course we do, and I'm sure other true gamers that own a 360 do as well. Have you ever heard of exclusive games? No I don't think you have. Mario, Gears of War on a Playstation system? No way!?!?!? All of gamings top games will never fall into one system. Sorry.

Your comment right there showed your true colors. An absolute biased and MS loving fanboy.

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Shane Kim3719d ago

PS3 owners are just better human beings than xbutts, and alot smarter too. (Not like a dumb @ss MS exec like myself). That's why PS3 owners have good jobs with a good salary so they can buy more stuff. The only dumb thing is to invest in a xbox 360. Can't belive some PS3 owners.

Eiffel3719d ago

Your False hope humors me.

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