Jeremy Corbyn, what are you doing in Star Wars Battlefront?

VGU Ian writes "These celebrity cameos are getting a bit out of hand. I mean Conan O’Brian and Kevin Smith showing up in LEGO Batman 3 was pretty weird, but now UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has turned up in Star Wars Battlefront. No I’m not kidding. Well I mean I am, it’s probably not meant to be him but you can’t deny the resemblance is uncanny. Take a look at the images below and make up your own mind. Search your feelings, you know it to be true."

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-Foxtrot2158d ago

Cool, he can be a nut job in video games as well as politics

Wouldn't be a very good player though if he seen you with a gun or bomb he'd probably tell you nicely to put your weapon down

"Don't shoot, let me handle this"

"But sir he has a bomb"

"I've got this, we don't need any killing on my watch"

"But the guy is literally going to kill all these people the moment we startle him"

"I'll take the chance as I don't want to resort to violence"

raggy-rocket2157d ago

If only I could 'like' your comment more than once

killer_goat2157d ago

Hasn't battlefront suffered enough on the media without connecting this moron to the game? Also a bit off topic but this is the man supposedly about peace yet supports the ira.

Genuine-User2157d ago

Nice guy Corbyn, he's not a war mongering leader/PM but the media won't have it any other way.

Steptoe2157d ago

Ha ha! Spitting image of him. Sadly he doesn't stand a chance in the elections. He cares too much for the average guy. Middle class won't have it.

Genuine-User2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

The smear campaign against Ed Miliband before the general election and Jeremy Corbyn's rise to leadership is nothing short of disgusting.

Steptoe2157d ago

That's the Tories for you. Underhanded all the way.

Phoenix762157d ago

Jeremy Corbyn "I will never, ever use the ion cannon to disable the Star Destroyer blockading our forces on Hoth from escaping! The ship could crash into the planet and kill everyone onboard!"

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The story is too old to be commented.