Halo 3 Scoops Edge Award for Interactive Innovation

At the Edinburgh Interactive Festival today, Bungie beat competitors such as Nintendo and Rockstar to win the Edge Award For Interactive Innovation for Halo 3.

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PistolPumptMonk5684d ago (Edited 5684d ago )


I mean I'm not saying Halo 3 is a bad game because I know how much people hate those types of statements... but seriously?

Halo: Combat Evolved could POSSIBLY argue to be innovative, Halo 3, not a chance.

Some people just really like their bubble shields I guess... ;)

TheHater5684d ago (Edited 5684d ago )

The "Bubble" shield was in Resistance Fall of man. And that game came out a year before Halo 3.

@ Number 9
Could be. But I can't read the full article, because the Access is Denied :(

Number 95684d ago

Maybe the theater and forge mode?

PistolPumptMonk5684d ago (Edited 5684d ago )

Yeah I guess theater and forge were kind of cool... still not anything to win an award over though.

I was not aware of the bubble shield in resistance although I did just pick it up as a greatest hit and am about halfway through. Thanks for the SPOILER!! haha just kiddin'

But honestly I don't feel like Halo 3 did enough different from Halo 2, which I still feel is the superior online game due to better maps. Just my opinion.

Personally I would take COD4 over either though... :p

TheHater5684d ago

yeah, you are going to pick it up on the last level of the game :) It pretty bad ass dude.

Polluted5684d ago

@Hater: You mean the backlash grenade?

elitewh0re5684d ago (Edited 5684d ago )

you doubt halo3 for innovation but argue "Personally I would take COD4 over either though..." jesus, that's hilarious.. examples if you'd be so kind?

NO_PUDding5684d ago

As much as the game itself is totally uninspiring, don't you all think the community efforts are what did this? The Resiatcen communtiy is great also, but the reason halo is so revered, is because it was released on a consoel, originally, that boasted easy online and great graphics.

That sold it, so in terms of multiplayer, Halo 3 has had time to mature and evolve it's community. And Despite thinkign so many games even online are so much better, they deserve that for the pioneering of it.

LittleBigPlanet does a lot of things, but I think they are evolving upon Halo 3's formulae. Infact I'd love to speak to them about that.

FreeMonk5684d ago

is that Halo won the Interactive Innovation award for the Forge and Theatre options.

Forge, if you know how to use it and have a creative mind, is an excellent tool for a FPS.

Yes, you've been able to this on PC FPS for a while, but this is the first game on a Console to utilise these options (I think).

It won't be long before other titles steal the same ideas from Bungie. Rumors going around is that Killzone 2 will have a theatre mode that mimics the Halo 3 theatre.

Rofflecopter5684d ago

portal was the only one to actually innovate. everything available in halo3 was available in some other game at some point long before.

Bnet3435684d ago

forge, theatre, and matchmaking. and all the community features and stat tracking etc.

etownone5684d ago (Edited 5684d ago )

have to completely agree....

everytime I see my kid playing it, he is on some newly designed level.... it's always something different thanks to forge.
And then he is always using theater and sending me video clip messages to my xbox 360 of cool and/or funny gameplays that he did.

and just recently, he found out about Bungie.net... now he is always on seeing his stats, and being part of that community.

seriously... what other game offers so much innovation for a console game? and thats besides the point that it has a great/fun 4 player co-op campaign and is the #1 multi-player game on Xbox live.

Bnet3435684d ago

In case anyone (probably all of you) didn't read thr article this is why Halo 3 won:

"Ultimately it is the integration and coherence of Halo 3’s online content that makes the game stand apart. From its Theater mode to Forge, and the way a party playing through Live can seamlessly manoeuvre between them, here is an experience that demonstrates an unparalleled understanding of the potential for console online play. Outside of the game, Bungie.net has been engineered to become a remarkable resource for Halo 3 stats and communities, providing life for the game even when your Xbox 360 is switched off. Halo 3, just as Halo 2 did before it, presents a roadmap for the way online will be integrated in videogames in the coming years."

Seems fair.

etownone5684d ago

pretty much the same reasons that I stated above and have witnessed for myself.

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thor5684d ago

Crash Team Racing had a bubble shield.
Yes, resistance 1 had a grenade which threw a bubble out which would repel enemy bullets and let your own pass through. It's slightly different to your usual bubble shield but it's used in the same way.

ZombieNinjaPanda5684d ago

WHere was this?

I really don't remember a bubble shield in resistance, is it in the second play through?

MCHammer5684d ago

Resistance 1 did have a bubble shield. It was called the backlash grenade and it would reflect enemy fire and would hurt any enemies inside it. If you don't believe me look at the video.

etownone5684d ago (Edited 5684d ago )

Well.. you proved your point.

Even i thought Halo 3 was the first with the bubble shield.

oh well.

EDIT: who the hell can disagree with a video as proof??!

Stubacca5684d ago

Is this the same Halo 3 I played???

What about MGS4?
Or even Assassin's Creed?
Hell, Army of Two was more 'innovative' than Bungie's last outing.

I hear fanboys a-calling...

PistolPumptMonk5684d ago (Edited 5684d ago )

WHOA WHOA there buddy you're putting words in my mouth. I never said COD4 was more INNOVATIVE than anything, I just think its a flat out better game than Halo 3, in all aspects of what a game should be.

COD4 and Halo 3 are not really that innovative, but I don't expect that much innovation with fps games. Which is why I NEVER SAID HALO 3 WAS A BAD GAME. Its just not that innovative. I mean honestly, if you think Halo 3 when you think innovation, you have not played enough good games.

oh yeah and @thehater:
Can you tell which system's fans are running rampant on this thread? You got 3 disagrees for telling me that something in Resistance was cool. LOL get a life people!

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida5684d ago (Edited 5684d ago )


LMAO all the way to the bank

Interactive Innovation? Its Halo 2.5 for the kids

Eiffel5684d ago

Jealous much, Hating with your punk ass yes?

theKiller5684d ago

do they still think its 2007???
halo was not bad game when it came in summer 2007 but now its 2008!!!
wake up people!!

Zerodin5684d ago

So which award did Sony get from Edge?
Oh...that's right, they didn't.
It burns up droids SO bad that the critics love Halo 3!

KBDuB5683d ago

Yep, it's Halo 2.5. Yet, it outsells erything on the PS3! =)

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toughNAME5684d ago

But you have to appreciate the innovation this game brings. It will be a long time before Halo 3 didn't "do it first".

Fishy Fingers5684d ago

? Apart from theater mode, what did they do first? Not bashing, just asking.

Perhaps if your referring to consoles only?