Kotaku Didn’t Get the Cold Shoulder from Bethesda & Ubisoft, They Earned It

OnlySP: What is games journalism? Is it supposed to tell you every little detail about an upcoming game? Are we supposed to check out games and provide you in-depth previews of what we played? Are we supposed to provide you with stories about the people and the games within the industry? Everyone seems to have a different answer about what games journalism is supposed to be, and this makes our jobs incredibly difficult.

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-Foxtrot2251d ago

Something finally came back round and bit them on the ass

Now we are going to see sly articles from them which try and make out it was the studios fault not them, like Bethesda and Ubisoft are being the jackasses here.

Wingsfan242251d ago

I just don't get what they're whining about. If you reveal somebody's secrets early, they're not gonna trust you anymore. Pretty freakin simple, which Kotaku seems to have a problem with because they can't decide if they're a blog or reputable outlet.

Genuine-User2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

They are a bunch of whiny bloggers in my opinion.

dirkdady2251d ago

Really good article. I like their mentality that "journalists" are not entitled to anything.

Bansai2251d ago Show
alabtrosMyster2251d ago

You know there is something wrong when you see people being shocked that a reporter says things that some company's PR team disapproves of....

Not that you should see the stuff they send in the preview material or the early copies provided for review should be shown before the intended time (it would just not be fair) but if some artist or programmer tell you about game x or y before it's time... I think it's fair game to "leak" the information... However PR is allowed to get upset too? It's their game to promote after all...

Aeery2250d ago

I'm not sorry for them, really.
I'm a person who believe in the freedom of opinions and the right to spread information, things that in these days, a lot of gaming website, have forgotten in the name of the "click".
In the end, websites like Kotaku don't offer a service to the readers ... they offer a service to their ego.

Palitera2250d ago

They could take one step further to screw up that lame site for good: Blacklist forever EVERY "journalist" that works with them from now on. :D

There are a few of ridiculous clickbaity websites, specially posting here on N4G (Rashid's and his puppils) and everyone knows who they are. I'm glad they finally started paying the toll.

Sevir2250d ago

This is a very good read, There are times when Kotaku demonstrates journalist eticate, for example, the situation at bungie, the mass change of Destiny, or the case with Activision/EA Infinity Ward.

But the leaking of Sony's "Home", Bethesda's Fallout 4, and the subsequent leaks of AC:Unity, Rogue and Syndicate and the dirty ways they go about getting information is just what this often critized industry doesn't need. And their rebuttal is, that their job is to get coverage, good or bad, and they'll continue to get coverage...

They told that to Sony when Sony asked them not to leak Home before it's public showing, and then Sony Blacklisted them before they complained only to have shu reinstate them.

Good to see Ubisoft and Bethesda stick to their guns. Shady journalism isn't what this industry needs.

Mr Pumblechook2250d ago

Something grubby that Kotaku did was when they revealed the whole story and ending to an upcoming Call of Duty game. They made out that it was a great journalistic scoop, but it was the furthest thing from journalism. They received the info from their industry privilege but all it did was betray the staff who trusted them and spoil the story for the gaming public.

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bmf73642251d ago

Ubisoft is operated by jackasses, but the issue stems from Kotaku being a piece of shit website.

showtimefolks2251d ago

I hate them as much as the next game but now a days these leaked from sources are a normal thing

I mean I was so surprised that sony were able go keep ff7 and shenmue 3 a secret. That's what suck now a days, almost everything is ruined ahead of time in name of journalism

rainslacker2250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

I went and read Totillo's article which sparked all these articles. Hate to give Kotaku the hit, but to be informed is good I think.

Anyhow, Totillo is a good writer. He makes his points, and paints his side with great clarity, and even makes a few good points that I can agree with. However, he is also very entitled, and seems to try very hard to paint the reports as a service for his readers....pretty typical of him actually(got my first bubble up on this site for calling him out on a comment he made in a blog here about this same view as a service to the reader mantra)

While I think it's great if it's true, at no point in his article can I recall him ever once considering IF the news should have been reported for the service of his readers, and how that would affect those working on the game, or the subsequent marketing that the game would get, and ultimately how that would affect the game's sales...thus affecting both the publisher and the developer. it seems his "duty" to his readers to present the truth and the news was paramount, and that all the other stuff didn't matter. Of course he only briefly talked about how his own livelihood benefited.

At one point he says any other site that gained the same information would have done the same. I would actually say that's mostly true. But in the end, that doesn't mean that it's right to do so.

Basically, at no point did I ever see him try to say that he tries to be a responsible journalist...and that's a problem, and that's why Kotaku has become blacklisted. not because they leaked some information, but because that leak was irresponsible.

Now, to be off topic.

If you want to see a hive mind love fest, go read the comment section of the Totillo article. It's all self-congratulatory, and nothing but positive praise for Kotaku. After loading in 4 more sections of the comments, not once did I see anyone asking if they felt the developers or publishers could be harmed, nor ever once see a comment calling out Kotaku for it's hypocritical stances on this particular issue and ones that have happened in the past.

For Totillo to go around saying they're all about the truth is the most hypocritical of all. For more than a year now, the truth they present is more often than not the truth that saves their backside, and those of their like minded colleagues from rebuke.

Kotaku will one day pass into the annals of nothingness, and hardly anyone will remember them. But I wouldn't be surprised if their actions over the past year make it's way into college text books on just how powerful social engineering can affect the common view. It's a common topic in sociology and communication classes.

@the author of the article

Really liked the article. Think you spent too much time talking about yourself, and your own ethics...although I do think they're good ethics to have and wish you the best of luck in the future. I know it's a tricky thing in the gaming press to draw the line between what is news, and what is enthusiast press, but I do see too many sites trying to be both a news outlet, and a PR mouthpiece, then getting all upset when they fail at both. One day, they'll figure out the proper way to report news and hopefully be responsible about it so there can be a better happy median between the press and the publishers, which will ultimately be a great benefit to the readers.


I've been surprised how well Sony has kept a lot of secrets this gen. They used to be a sieve of leaks, and it was so common that jokes were made about it at a couple E3's by Jack Tretton.

Findingcrybabies2250d ago

I'll never take Ubishit's side. They are a garbage developer that releases games in terrible shape and have god awful MP connection issues. I like some of their games, but the point stands. If I buy I buy used.

That said. Kotaku can burn.

samuelspade2250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

I, personally just don't get, how anyone can determine what was from the developers, and what was leaked. I mean, can't you just say it was leaked when, in actuality, it was from the Devs? So...I guess where is the line that gets crossed?

Edit: How do we know what was a leak or something that the devs showed and then the site said it was a leak?

spicelicka2250d ago

Well obviously the developers would know if they've purposely haven't given any information but its leaked on the internet.

In kotaku's case if you read their Fallout 4 leal article from 2013, they literally refer to scripts they got access to, they refer to emails and talk about sources that only big journalism sites have access to.

Of course Bathesda saw this and figured out the leaks were authentic, and NOT something they wanted the public to know. But if they announced that kotaku is blacklisted then they're basically confirming the rumours. So instead they slowly cut them off from their press events, review copies, etc.

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migh_and_highty2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

At the end of the day, gaming journalism isn't political journalism. Leaking government documents is different from leaking game news. Kotaku can't complain that they have been blacklisted because they did something bad in the eyes of the publisher. This industry should work together, not against.

I don't mind if 'journalists' and developers or pubs work together to enhance the industry than try and cause so much friction and call male gamers Mysoginistic and unwelcoming to women.

In conclusion, gawker is sinking, especially after their disgusting, needless display of revealing a person's personal affairs over being gay. Kotaku is just as bad as their daddy site and is sinking with it. The 'we hate gamers' narrative can only end one way, gamers always win

Sevir2250d ago

The industry does work together, they hold press events for things when it's ready, I think it's ok, if you're trying to understand shady things in the industry, like Konami/Kojima, or the change in Destiny, or the situation behind the studio that closed down because MS wouldn't give them more money to finish phantom dust.

But leaking surprises ahead of time gets game developers fired and tightens the pipeline on our access to more announcements.

If Freudian slip ups happen, (ie) Naughtydog accidentally confirming there's a second TLOU in development, or Sony's Andrew House confirming GT6 and a new Assassin's Creed coming down the pipeline, in a conversation that he didn't know was being recorded, sure report on that, but to go out and dig up acquire and leak stuff not ready. Blacklist them.

KilKarazy2251d ago

The website is an extremely politically biased (owned by gawker) hipster haven. Right down to one of their editors drinking PBR on a live stream. They're also responsible for stirring up the gamergate thing trying to subvert the issue that a developer was sleeping with an editor possibly compromising the editors review of said developers game.

OC_MurphysLaw2251d ago

I really agree with the title and sentiment.