Black Friday deals for Nintendo gamers

"Whether you're an experienced gamer looking for a good deal on Black Friday or someone looking for a great gift for the gamer(s) in their family, there is a lot from which to choose. That's where this list comes in handy. We've hand-picked some of the best deals for Nintendo gamers to make shopping Friday Nov. 27 a little easier for you."

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rjason122071d ago

That 250 deal is great!

XanderZane2071d ago

Yeah, I'd like to get that system deal as well at Target. Gotta find out what time they will be opened on Friday. I already have a 3DS XL. Haven't even opened it yet. Need to move all my games from my old 3DS to the new one.

Becuzisaid2071d ago

Basically if you already own a system then no good deals

slasaru012071d ago

After you buy their system, they are no longer interested in you. I own 3DS for half a year and there never been a good digital sale on eshop. Some indies discounted but that's all.

diepdiep2071d ago

Definitely gonna buy Splatoon at Walmart.

Slappy McGee2071d ago

Blacklist on Wii U has been $11.99 for months. So nice of Gamestop to raise the price to $24.99 for their black Friday "sale".

Fin_The_Human2071d ago (Edited 2071d ago )

The Wii Wii!!!!

Have no idea what prompted Nintendo to come up with that name.

sonerone2071d ago

I think it's something to do with wiikings

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