Animal Crossing: City Folk Hands-On (From has recently got there hands on Animal Crossing Wii, (Or, to go by it's full title, Animal Crossing: City Folk)and have realised a couple of details during the preview, even if quiet a bit has been seen before.

They commented on the graphics, saying that "Visualy, it's near-identical to the GameCube/DS Versions, which, impressive as they where, is a little of a disapointment". However, they appear to not be the only thing simular, as they have also stated that "There is a few new features to trcik everyone into buying it, (Which it deserves, anyway. Clone or not, Animal Crossing is Brilliant.) it's the same as the old Animal Crossing games on GameCube and DS. (And -Footnote Fans!- N64) Our main concern is not 'Will the game be good?' But 'Will the game be fresh enough Third Time Round?'."

They also mentioned the Controls, stateing that "NO Motion Controls had been implanted at all. It used the regular "Nunchuck Analoge Pad To Move" thing as practicaly every game on Wii does, but we weren't able to use that control method in the demo we played. In this version, the Remote was our main means of movement, as you point the remote in one direction to move there. It's fairly smooth, and works well, but we where begging for something more, well, normal.", however they did mention that "It works. That's all that matters" as well.

Knight Nui has also confirmed they have more coverage due very soon.

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