For all the people complaining about Braid's price

Jonathan Blow writes: "When all those people on forums complain about the price of XBLA game, what they don't realize is that almost everyone is losing money on these games. (It's just economy of scale; if only 60,000 people buy a game, and it costs $10, not enough money ends up in the developer's hands to justify anything but making shovelware.)

For me to truly break even (i.e. not be financially punished for choosing to make this game), I would have to earn back:

(1) The testing, localization and ratings board submission advance that was put forth by Microsoft. (This is a significant chunk of money.)
(2) All the money I paid other people to work on the art, sound, and extra programming. (This is A LOT).
(3) Replace the savings I spent for cost-of-living, buying software and hardware, and stuff like that, during the years spent developing Braid.
(4) Pay back other misc debts that accrued during this time due to me being broke and / or focusing money on finishing the game (e.g. the taxes I did not pay last year.. that's sizable).
(5) If I hadn't been working on Braid, I would have had a job for those years, so… years worth of income at a reasonable-to-high-end job. (Realistically speaking, this part is just not going to happen - I used to do game technology consulting and bill at a very high hourly rate. So rather than expecting to make that, my attitude is just, to make *something* reasonable)..."

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yakbabbler5407d ago

I agree with the devs, Braid was one of the best games ever so i don't know why people are complaining about the price... considering that DLC games on the PC used to be 20$

PirateThom5407d ago

Because there's games, from recognised developers, that cost a lot less than that.

1,200 is far, far too much for an unknown developers first game. I appreciate that a lot of work has gone into it and from the demo I know it's a good game, but it's just about over what I'm willing to pay for a download.

I would have streched to 1000, but 1,200 just goes too high for me.

sonarus5407d ago

I don't mean to sound harsh but this guy might as well just ask for donations. If they cut the price more people would buy. its tough for indie developers but there are always risks.

I really do hope the game does well though. I want the game to sell well. Perhaps releasing it on pc and ps3 might help recover some of those costs. But apparently there was an exclusivity arrangement from microsoft so too bad

grashopper5407d ago

I personally haven't played it because I don't own a 360 but if its a good game who cares who makes it
If its as good as everyone says $15 dollars is a runs like $10 to go to the movies for 1 person $15 isn't that much

PirateThom5407d ago

What I meant was, I'm not going to spend 1200 points on any game, reguardless of developer, since most games on Marketplace are 800. This 1,200 game thing needs to stop very sharply.

The Lazy One5407d ago

Is why he put so much into his first game. He should know better from a business standpoint. That's just way too much financial and time invested for something that could have easily flopped, and he'd have nothing to fall back on.

Giving up jobs to go into debt for something you won't see returns on for years (since that's how long he was working on it apparently) is not smart at all if you don't have some sort of backup plan.

If just sounds like he didn't really think this all through when he started from a business standpoint. His game could be the best game ever, but it just sounds like he put way too much into it to make it a smart business investment.

joemayo765406d ago

exactly what i was thinking as great a game as this may be (and it is FUN,) it appears he made some poor judgement in his development process in business terms. He should have asked for donations during the development process which i must admit porbably wouldn't have netted him much, implement some for of promo agreement with MSFT or sponsorship with MSFT as this game had some great marketing before it launched etc.

UnasFortuna5406d ago

Mixed feelings about this since I just downloaded the game today and already beat the game within 3-4 hrs. There is no replayability in my opinion. It was an interesting endeavor, I must admit, for a "first game" for this developer. Was it worth the money? Not in my own opinion. I originally purchased it because of all the ratings hooplah it was getting. Should have known better. Not going to get into the argument that he is or isn't charging a reasonable price however, I don't agree with some of his reasonings for the price either. To not have another job for the entire development process is just assinine for a new developer unless they can afford to do it. There are other new developers out there doing it in their spare time. It may take a little longer, but what the heck... if it is worth it. Taking loans, etc in this age of financial gloom is silly. I would highly recommend everyone play the demo first before paying for the full game just to make sure you find it enjoyable. For those comparing this "platformer" to Super Mario... that is a bit of a stretch. I won't spoil it for you (if you plan on purchasing this game), but the puzzles are fairly simple once you realize the potential of the character's only ability (nope...moving left/right or jumping doesn't count). He did a good job but it does not deserve the ratings it is getting nor the price to me anyways. If you like the demo... then buy the game... just a little more of the same.

Pika-pie5406d ago

Braid is one of the best games ever..

Eh??? Why???

Saint Sony5406d ago

Great puzzle game.

You solve all the worlds and think it ends just to find out you need to find all the hidden stars. That's when the real puzzle starts.

KeiulZen5406d ago

I'm sorry, but if a person has the confidence and faith to step out and work on something he's passionate about, he should be justly rewarded. Johnathan Blow stepped out on faith when he decided to make this labor of love and hoping that it would show other developers that you can truly make a fantastic game without using that multimillion dollar revenue and the hype machine that other games use (i.e. halo, call of duty, any mainstream game).

Braid is an awesome game, I had fun playing it and once I get my paycheck I'm gonna purchase it and contribute to a person who's truly trying to push the medium of video games forward. The effort he put into it is should be enough to justify the price, but the gameplay and the genuine idea of the game speaks for it.

Everyone that's hating on the game cuz of price, you should be ashamed to call yourself a gamer.

BattleAxe5406d ago

If LIVE was free, then I don't think the price of the game would be as big of a deal.

The Lazy One5406d ago

I'm making indie games right now at no loss, and don't really care if I make money. The difference? I'm not whining about it. You can't have it both ways and come out smelling like roses. If you want it to be a successful business venture (what I was referring to), then you have to look at it from a business perspective, and he just put way too much into it (or rather, put off way too much to do it).

I support his accomplishment from a gaming perspective, I just don't think he should be upset about losing money when he decided to be unemployed for years to complete it. You can hold even a full time job and program a game at the same time if you need to. He made the choice to dedicate his time to the game. That was his choice. He has to live with it instead of whine about it. That's all I'm saying.

Saint Sony5405d ago

Braid is at position 8, all time best list. You say the developer put too much on his first game?... Please let me LOL at you.

Here it comes: LOL

Please keep doing your mediocre games none will ever hear about, instead of making one damn sweet and great game that actually sells like crazy (even with high price tag) and gets raving reviews.

The Lazy One5405d ago

learn to read. What I'm saying has nothing to do with the quality of the game.

"I support his accomplishment from a gaming perspective, I just don't think he should be upset about losing money when he decided to be unemployed for years to complete it"

"His game could be the best game ever, but it just sounds like he put way too much into it to make it a smart business investment"

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slymaddox5407d ago

If you don't have the money don't worry. If not enough people buy it they could lower the price. Sooner or later you can get it.

Chubear5406d ago

If gamers don't think the game's worth the price, it'll come down eventually. I see no reasoning for complaining. It's not like they're forcing anyone to pay that price cause you have a choice.

The game will only sell at the price and do well if gamers think it's worth it.

But this article can cry me a river though. If developers don't make money on VGs then they shouldn't make VGs. The fact that new developing companies are springin up like crazy indicates developers knw they can make a killing with VGs it's just you have to make a decent one and market it right or you won't make money... isn't this how it is in the real world with every other business?

slymaddox5407d ago

Let's hope. I'll wait for the PS3 version.

Chubear5406d ago

But I think the PS fanbase would have no problems in paying $20 if the game's quality and worth it.

TrevorPhillips5407d ago

well the game is worth the money then buying penny arcade

WAR19115407d ago

Wasn't there an article a few days ago from this guy saying he did not agree with the price M$ made him charge for the game? Now he is trying to justify it.

Fuzz McDeath5406d ago

...hes just explaining why everyone shouldn't be complaining so much about the expense. The two things aren't mutually exlusive. I'm sure hed love to sell it for $10 bucks, but its still a bargain at $15.

People need to quit pretending its the money that is prohibative and admit that its their own taste. If it was a COD4 expasion, they'd gladly pay for it and play the same old stale FPS they've been playing for years/months (don't get me wrong. love COD4 - but variety is the spice of life and a little art is a nice change of pace to mainstream entertainment, no matter how well done it is).

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