Bloodborne's Latest 9GB+ Update Includes Some Hidden Changes And New Additions

From Software has recently released a brand new update for Bloodborne ahead of the launch of The Old Hunters DLC. This update was rather huge in size and weighed in more than 9GB. It also added a whole new "league" to the game featuring brand new NPC hunters. However, this was not the only thing that was included in this new update as users are discovering new additions and features that weren't mentioned in the official patch notes.

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joab7771088d ago (Edited 1088d ago )

Wtf! Playing new ESO dlc and Fallout 4. Wanted to play zombie with my friends, who also got Battlefront...and now one of the best games of the year releases dlc...damn!!

I love Bloodborne, played it for almost 3 months. Gotta find time to get back in there.

eyeDEVOUR1088d ago

Most of that 9gigs IS the dlc. When you buy the dlc it just unlocks that part of the content, Fromsoft always does dlc this way.