Here’s How PS2 Emulation Runs on PS4 – Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter and Racer Revenge 60 FPS Gameplay

It was recently confirmed that Star Wars‘ PS2 classics run on PS4 thanks to a new emulation technology, but how does it actually look? Turns out, quite nice.

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DarkOcelet1089d ago

Indeed it looks great.

If all the PS2 games run on 60fps. Then it will be sick!

UserNameIsNotTaken1089d ago

That will be my Christmas present lol (cause psx)

BadBoyC1089d ago

It does look good. Emulation sure did this game some good.

Imagine able to shareplay PS1/PS2 games as well. That would be pretty sick too considering a lot of the PS2 games back then had splitscreen components but didn't have any online components. I'd love too go 1 on 1 with people online in games like Budokai Tenkaichi 3, Burnout Dominator, Sonic Riders and Crash Team Racing, etc lol

showtimefolks1089d ago

That digital foundry video was amazinb

If games can be up scaled to 1080p and 60 FPS(yes I know not native 1080p, still makes a huge difference fro, SD

I am really excited I think we will have an announcement at playstation event

Imagine if Sony says you can play all disk based or digitally downloaded games on ps4 with upscale and better frame rate

Starting early 2016 or drop the mic saying starting right after you download the update right after the show

Heyxyz1089d ago

Now, Sony, it looks great, but how about Battlefront 2?

TwoForce1089d ago

It will come, but it will take some times.

TwoForce1089d ago

@Stake-AK Then EA will have my wrath.

_-EDMIX-_1089d ago

lol, I think Disney would ok the support of the game, EA is using the license, but they do not own the Star Wars IP.

I don't think they have that type of control over Star Wars, in past games anyway. If anything, if someone could look up if its supported through MS's XONE BC program, I expect anyone who is allow their past titles on XONE, will likely allow the past titles on PS4, if some of them cross that is, to my memory MS saying XB support was happening might have just been a comment of maybe not confirmed.

Don't remember.

nitus101088d ago

Personally I would like it if the PS4 could copy the PS2 disk image onto it's hard disk and then let you play it. Most PS2 games are going to be under 4.7GB and you could easily install most of the PS2 games you really like and want in less than 200GB.

Of course for those people who have not got a PS2 disk, paying for a digital download would be the next best thing.

Even though I do applaud Sony for allowing PS2 games to be up-scaled and smoothed on the PS4 I would mainly be interested with installing (if allowed) PS2 games from my collection which is over sixty games. I would have very little interest in paying for a PS2 game twice.

Retroman1089d ago

how about ps2 neo contra, gradius 5, ps2 einhander, ps2 metal slug, ps2 battle arena toshiden etc....

mkis0071089d ago

didnt care until i saw the great quality and fps. heres hoping my games get added.

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The story is too old to be commented.