Bioware Writer Teasing Their Secret IP; "Down To Actual Writing", Big "Character Stuff" Decision

Bioware writer Jay Watamaniuk has been sending out some tweets regarding the developer's new secret IP that was announced at the E3 of 2014.

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AngelicIceDiamond1063d ago

Would love to see Jade Empire 2 but a new ip is great.

Roccetarius1063d ago

Bioware and decision making? Hmm, that can only go the wrong way.

VER1ON1063d ago

Care to explain? They have been teasing a lot lately but wrong decisions?

Findingcrybabies1063d ago

Yeah...after Inquisition....just no.

MegaRay1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

I hate when developers include decision making for the sake of having decision making. If it doesnt fit or it doesnt change anything, then dont force it

Roccetarius1063d ago

Yeah, i'm not exactly fond of decision making for the sake of having it. It either changes very little, or they just retcon it to what the developer feels is the correct way.

I'd rather they just focus on a single branch instead, if that's what their intent is.

BartMoons1063d ago

I know its not a new IP, but a new KoTor would rock. Judging from these Visuals I saw in the trailer, that won't be the case I guess.

Let's hope they reveal more soon.

DeadlyFire1063d ago

Could be a KotNewRepublic title.

Frisky1063d ago

Would love to see a new IP.

1063d ago
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